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message 1: by Cierra (new)

Cierra (--anovelidea--) | 7 comments Hi, my name is Cierra. I have been an avid reader since before I can remember. The written word is my first love. I have taken English, Literature, Creative Writing and Linguistics classes and am an aspiring writer myself. I am also a mother to three young children, a wife to a man with a demanding work and volunteer schedule, and I work from home up to thirty hours per week. All of this means I am busy, too and I completely understand the need for prompt, concise, well organized, and constructive feedback and will do my best to provide it.

What I Offer:
• I will give you an honest reader’s opinion of your overall story: World Building, Character Development, Plot, Scene Structure, Dialogue, Pace, and Flow.
• I will make notes of typos, spelling mistakes, awkward phrasing and grammatical errors.
• I will flag scenes that drag or do not appear to serve the story, plot holes and contradictions.
• I will answer any questions you have or fill out your questionnaire, if you provide one.

In the interest of saving us both time, my favorite genres are:
• Fantasy
• Romance
• Historical Fiction
• YA (Thirty-something moms aren’t exactly “Young Adults”, so I would not be the target audience here, but I enjoy the genre and can provide useful feedback)
• Children’s Literature (with your permission and when age-appropriate, I will even do a read-through with my children and include their impressions in my notes)
• Suspense/mystery

Some books I do not enjoy:
• Horror
• Extremely Dark Romance (stories where a character is kidnapped, brutalized, raped, etc then ends up in a Happily Ever After with the abuser)
• Self-help/Advice

All that being said, I will read ALMOST anything.

Send me your first chapter FREE to ensure that we are a good fit, I will return it with my notes within two days.
I charge $1.50/1000 words after the first chapter and a flat rate of $1 for under 1000 words.

General turnover time will be two weeks for 100,000 words and under, add one week for each additional 50,000 words.
I have five spots available per calendar month.

I look forward to reading your story! Send me a direct message or email me here:

message 2: by Joy (new)

Joy Lo-Bamijoko (goodreadscomhttpwwwjinlobifycom) | 2 comments I am looking for a Beta Reader for a series of Children's short stories. The word count is 2,650. Let me know if you are interested.

message 3: by Cierra (new)

Cierra (--anovelidea--) | 7 comments I am interested! I will send you a message.

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