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UNSOLVED: One specific book > A contemporary Romance novel female war journalist who is in the middle of the war in Iraq. Her fellow male journalist dies and she comes home with PTSD and finds love.

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Miranda | 1 comments I read this book in 2003. It wasn’t a new book when I got it but not sure of the year. I remember it being a blue cover. The fellow journalist name was Paul and I think they were dating. I believe the guy she falls in love with is a childhood friend. The part I remember specifically is when there is a loud noise in the kitchen and she ducks to the flour thinking it’s an IED. I want to say the title is either perfect something or plan b. But I get nothing in the descriptions I put! Please help this is one of my favorite books!

Bren fall in love with the sea. | 283 comments This is a wild guess and I doubt it because not all the details match.
Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon?

Book has war journalist named Dana. Another journalist does die and she does come home and find love. But it is a pretty old book.


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