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On My Way to Paradise
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Looking for scifi read around 1990, old pharmacist & women that lost a hand. [s]

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Anime Aunty (AnimeAunty) | 9 comments Read a scifi book about an old (possibly hispanic) man that has a small pharmaceuticals stand & is approached by a small woman that lost her hand & needs to regrow it. The old man is moved to further help the woman bcuz his family was lost to some terrible tragedy. Adventures ensue, age reversing cryosleep, chimeras with no rights, and the like. There is a mind blowing twist that i wont reveal cuz I remember an amazing read that possibly started me on the road to avid reading.
PLEASE help. I was 17 (1990?) when I read this book & I would really like to ponder it as an adult reader.

message 2: by Kris (new)

Kris | 32271 comments Mod
Anime, how did she lost her hand? Left or right hand?

What's the time period and location (e.g., Earth, country, region, big city/small town, another planet)?

Is this a novel or short story/novella?

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Anime Aunty (AnimeAunty) | 9 comments Sorry but it was so long ago & I was a very wayward teen, but I'll try.
Dont know what planet but i believe it was a big city. There was a large galactic community tho. The end of the book is VERY memorable & telling but I read no spoilers. Dont think I helped much but if anyone has read this book the details r telling. I just dont fully understand how this works.

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Anime Aunty (AnimeAunty) | 9 comments Oh yeah, it was def a full novel, not a short.

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Anime Aunty (AnimeAunty) | 9 comments U R A MARVEL!!!!!
1 sentence n2 the description & I knew I was found!
Thank u so much, I cant wait to take that ride again & c if I still think its a great book considering it was my first scifi novel, ha.
I would kiss u if I could, thanx a million!

p.s. Have u read this & if so did u like it?

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Ayshe | 4121 comments Great! No, I haven't read read it, it came up in Google search for: "old man" chimeras "science fiction"

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Anime Aunty (AnimeAunty) | 9 comments My Google must b broken, lol. Ive have tried to keyword search that dang book many times. Thanx again.

If u enjoy scifi, i highly recommend this book. It has a whopper of a twist. The human condition elements r deep & well done too.


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