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message 1: by Megan (new)

Megan If you could bring any Sarah J. Maas character to life to spend a day with them (from ACOTAR or ToG), who would it be and why?

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily Tough call!!! I'd have to say Lysandra or Aelin. Or both. Both would be good. We could all go shopping and eat cake and talk about books together and Aelin would teach me how to fight. Best day ever lol.

message 3: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (beautiful-nerd) Rhysand! I would try and make him my man. :D

message 4: by Pearl (new)

Pearl (crazymuffins27) | 66 comments Jessica wrote: "Rhysand! I would try and make him my man. :D"


message 5: by Rachel (Royal_Reading_Company) (last edited Jan 09, 2020 01:42PM) (new)

Rachel (Royal_Reading_Company) | 21 comments Do The Thirteen count in their entirety?!?!!?

message 6: by Tatum (new)

Tatum E (tatum_22) | 3 comments I would take Manon probably, or Dorian

message 7: by Kendra (new)

Kendra (ariel-mulvaney) | 45 comments Rachel wrote: "Do The Thirteen count in their entirety?!?!!?"

I think it counts, at least it should count and if it does I second that motion

message 8: by Phoebe (new)

Phoebe  Pratt Manon.

message 9: by Nancy (new)

Nancy (bookword_925) | 43 comments Phoebe wrote: "Manon."

Same here I love Manon

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Tatum wrote: "I would take Manon probably, or Dorian"


message 11: by layla (new)


message 12: by mysticofworlds (new)

mysticofworlds | 64 comments probably Nesryn... she's such an underrated character and I'd be too intimidated by Lysandra, Rowan, and Aelin lol

would also love Fenrys or Elide

message 13: by Party Poison (last edited May 27, 2020 06:57AM) (new)

Party Poison [Disco Freak Show] (certifiedkilljoy) Aelin so she can teach me to fight and we can read and be sarcastic together. And of course, eat food. Obviously.

message 14: by Emiliana (new)

Emiliana Lillis | 25 comments Fenrys, Aelin, Feyre or Rhysand :)

message 15: by T (new)

T (telizabeth13) | 8 comments I’ve thought about this a lot and I reckon if I was younger, I’d answer a lot differently but I’d say Dorian. I think he makes an amazing best friend. He’s a lovely guy, super sweet, loyal to his friends and just think about all those books he’d recommend!

message 16: by Jia ♥ (new)

 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Oh my gosh. I know everyone's expecting me to say Feyre or some confident female but honestly Rhysand. I love him because he's a complex, flawed character, he's hilarious, and also his looks. *winks*

message 17: by Jia ♥ (new)

 Jia ♥ (bookloverforever101) Though I would love Caelana or her friend the princess, forgot her name.

message 18: by Zoya (new)

Zoya (zoyashahwar) | 35 comments Rhysand

message 19: by Sanvi (new)

Sanvi   Shetty Manon for sure

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

what about sam cortland?

message 21: by Karro (new)

Karro Herondale (karroherondale) | 79 comments Rhyyysaaand or Asterin, love them

message 22: by Zoya (new)

Zoya (zoyashahwar) | 35 comments Cassian

message 23: by becky (new)

becky  (lunalin) | 67 comments I dont know why, but I want Tarquin

message 24: by becky (new)

becky  (lunalin) | 67 comments and Rhys!!!!!!!!!

message 25: by TheWolfChanger (new)

TheWolfChanger | 11 comments I'd have to say I would love to meet Morgan. I love her character, I would also love to meet Cassian because he is so funny sometimes and also I would love for him to teach me how to fight.

message 26: by kamali (new)

kamali (kamaleshwari) | 24 comments I don't know why, but I'd choose Dorian from the tog series for sure.

message 27: by L.C. (new)

L.C. Perry | 700 comments Nehemia, Aedion, Cassian, Lysandra, Elide or Azriel! Final consensus...I’m picking Aedion! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

message 28: by Cara (new)

Cara Violet | 5 comments Manon, because she'd be loyal. We could spend the day flying on wyverns.

message 29: by Lady of Perranth (new)

Lady of Perranth | 10 comments Fenrys, or Dorian.... hmmm
Probably Dorian so I could go book shopping with him. Manon is my favorite character but she would just kill me so Dorian it is!

message 30: by Selah (new)

Selah (birdqueen48) OMG Az <3

message 31: by Selah (new)

Selah (birdqueen48) Or Aelin or Nyx or Rhys or Rowan.... Ahhhh I can't choose!!!

BookNerd99 | Nickname: Cindermon Role | 376 comments Probably Aelin because I would love to meet her. And she could teach me to be an assassin.

message 33: by Anna (new)

Anna Kuryliuk | 193 comments Dorian. He is smart, witty, sarcastic, somewhat dark, strong (magicwise), and extremely handsome.
But does bringing the character to life mean that he would like me? He would treat me as if I'm one of his peasants. :D

message 34: by Louise (new)

Louise | 1847 comments Azriel

message 35: by kei (new)

kei (keimy) | 283 comments I haven't read any of these books sigh.
ACOTAR is currently sitting on my bookshelf tho

message 36: by kei (new)

kei (keimy) | 283 comments i also happen to have the first book of TOG idk how i got it but its there lol

message 37: by Anna (new)

Anna Kuryliuk | 193 comments Kei, give it a try. ACOTAR (I mean, ACOMAF, which it the 2nd book) is so like "From Blood and Ash", I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

❧✧L̴E̴X̴I̴E̴✧☙ | 90 comments I'd definitely choose Aelin. We'd probably spend our time eating sweets and reading books. Although, Bryce would also be fun to meet.

message 39: by kei (new)

kei (keimy) | 283 comments Anna wrote: "Kei, give it a try. ACOTAR (I mean, ACOMAF, which it the 2nd book) is so like "From Blood and Ash", I'm sure you'll enjoy it."

ty, yea I will read them as soon as I'm done with A Crooked Kingdom.

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