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Ghostlands (Magic Time #3)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Science Fiction/Fantasy: A quest to save a man's younger sister in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has transformed into mythological/fantastical reflections of their true selves. [s]

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Dane Sorochuk | 2 comments The book was found in the fantasy/science fiction section of the Calgary public library in 2009. The book cover was black, softly textured, with an imp-like woman in yellow hues drawn in a modern-fantasy style; beautiful and eye catching. The novel is the third installment of a trilogy, and targeted at adult audiences.

The books plot is centred around a man seeking his sister who was transformed into a glowing ethereal creature that floated away unless hidden from the sky. The world itself was altered from modern reality to that of urban fantasy, where tree's radiated with crystal leafs and sang in haunting loots, while people were modified to a personality-based creature.

Lawyers, for instance, often became humanoid dragons- with tough lizard skin, wings, and fire breath. Some people, the artist and sensitive people, became glowing versions of themselves, with skin that radiated moonlight from within, and floated as if suspended in water. All such people were pulled away into the sky by an unknown force bent on collecting them for an unknown purpose.

The main character's sister was such a person, as she was a quiet ballerina before the world was remade, and so earned this beautiful, yet cursed evolution. The 'light-people', one could call them, were carried away toward the origin of where the world was transformed, and were never seen again.

And so the journey began for the main protagonist, to find his sibling, and survive a North America teaming with humans turning in creatures of their own making. (Another example of a monster humans turned into were goblin-ish beings that came out at night to run wild, heeding only to instant gratification and cruelty. Suffice to say, this was the most common transformation. Additionally, there was one scene where one of these goblins denied the call to run at night, and instead read Humanity, a book on moral and ethical standards, in order to retain his own humanity. He was inspiringly successful!)

The story line picks up by collecting some friends for the protagonist to interact with, all human. The first challenge they had to overcome was a lawyer-dragon, but I don't recall the details. The remaining story arch's follow a boss-like style, where the gang had to defeat a human with exceptional abilities, like mind control over the goblins, or telekinesis.


The end of the book leads one to discover the sister is used as a battery to fuel a Being who created all the magic infecting the world. She is trapped in an amorphis prison, much like in a school of fish swimming with instinctual singularity, with her mind stuck in a dream where she, and the world, are still normal. The protagonist had to defeat the dream and the main bad-guy to free his sister and reclaim the world.

That's about all I can remember!

I thank anyone who reads through my explanation of the plot and devotes any consideration as to which book this could be! I read it when I was 14, so the details are a little rusty, but I'll answer any questions to the best of my knowledge!

Thanks again!

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Dane Sorochuk | 2 comments That’s it 100%!!!! Like. How!? It’s such an obscure book 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Trilobyte | 137 comments Easy... I just waded through my photo archive of the Calgary library's bookshelves 😀. Just kidding, there aren't too many books with a mythological creatures themed apocalypse, and I recently bought the 1st book in the series, I hope to read it soon.

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