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A Boat to Nowhere
This topic is about A Boat to Nowhere
SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Fiction/Nonfiction/Historical Fiction? I think it might be about (Asian?) refugees? Grandpa/old man with 2(?) children on boat trying to find land/resources is mostly what I remember. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Mary | 2 comments I read this in high school, around 2011-2014

So what I mostly remember is random events so again, SPOILERS, but also please help me I want to read this book again so badly

General info that I remember: Main characters are a grandfather/old man with a one or two children who are potentially his grandchildren. The main character/narrator(?) is one of the kids, and I think the kid really wants to escape SOMETHING--I can't remember if it was war or just something internally like family. During boat journey, grandpa is sick and not only does kid need to find food but also medicine

Can't remember when this event occurred in the book: they either find a place that has a doctor for grandpa or they initially start in a place with a doctor for grandpa. something happens, they need to leave immediately. they're rushing the boat away from shore with the grandpa in the boat and kid is trying so hard to escape, the doctor is frantically swimming towards them (i think the kid stole some medicine), kid realizes they can't escape doctor so he throws the medicine in the water away from them so the doctor will stop following them

Another event: after being in boat for so long they find a place where they hope to find "refuge" (I put in quotes because I can't remember if this was a refugee story), place turns them away--they couldn't afford to take anymore people? I remember that the people wanted to take them, but couldn't for some reason. sent them off with food

last event (SPOILER): grandpa dies at some point on the boat and kid has to bury him. kids are alone and i don't remember what happens afterwards

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Mary | 2 comments Rainbowheart wrote: "A Boat to Nowhere"

This is it, thank you!!

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Rainbowheart | 15734 comments Awesome, glad to help out!

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