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Seasons Please?

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message 1: by Stuart (new)

Stuart (stupix) | 2 comments Hey — I’ve been rationing my Gamache intake so I can make it last (like a good licorice pipe). My strategy has been to read the books in the season the book takes place. So, I’m up to Bury your Dead and want to find out what season or month Trick of Light and the other books are set (without having to get spoilers). Can someone clue me in?

message 2: by Linda (new)

Linda | 21 comments Late spring, so perfect timing for you. And the next after that, The Beautiful Memory, is set in autumn. I also rationed my Gamache books to about every fourth book that I read until I caught up to the current one. They are definitely stories to be savored. Enjoy!

message 3: by Linda (new)

Linda | 21 comments How The Light Gets In - winter
The Long Way Home - summer
The Nature of the Beast - early fall
A Great Reckoning - late fall
Glass Houses - summer
Kingdom of the Blind - winter

message 4: by Stuart (new)

Stuart (stupix) | 2 comments Fantastic!! Thanks so much!

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