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Allerglance | 401 comments This is a private rp of Allerglance and Mellophone (MEL) Maelee Delete small

Plz don't butt in, you can just read if you want

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Allerglance | 401 comments Alright!

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Allerglance | 401 comments Lmao, how do we start dialogue or give context to our surroundings?

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Allerglance | 401 comments Characters:

Name: Melody
Age: 19
looks: Long red and curly hair that cascades to her shoulders. freckles cover her arms and a strip on her nose. curvy, but in a healthy manor.
weapon: Katana

Name: Nero
Age: 20
Looks: Curly brown hair, slim, has a snake tattoo on right arm, wears plaid like a uniform
weapon: bow and arrow (10)

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Allerglance | 401 comments Light crept into the room through the boarded windows. It kept the room dimly lit, enough for two teens who didn't care much for sunlight.
It was the zombie apocalypse, but these two teens were connected to another problem

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A young woman sat, reading quietly against the wall.
Her read hair down, and messy upon her face.
"Nero?" she calls, accent evident.

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Allerglance | 401 comments The boy was concealed over a blanket with a phone over his chest.
He looks up to the woman. "Yes, Melody?"

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"You think our family is alright?" she asks, tilting her head and setting down her book.
Looking at him carefully, she says "The phone isn't going to work...so give up"

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Allerglance | 401 comments "Sorry." The boy lowers his phone to the bed and pulls the blanket off his head like a jacket. "Um, what makes you say that? My sis is pretty tough by herself--and she's younger than both of us." His fist catches his chin as he lays sideways, "what's on your mind?"

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Melody shrugs, leaning back with an aggravated sigh "I'm fine, hungry, tired, anxious....but I'm fine" she finishes with a murmur, leaning against the chair behind her legs "we're going to have to leave eventually" she looks at him "We will run out of food at some point."

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Allerglance | 401 comments Nero stomach's grumbles. "Well, we should look at the map." Nero glances over the hung map with red circles and traced lines scattered along different locations. "How many 7/11s did we raid?" He gives soft chuckle. "Where to now, captain!" He gives a dorkish salute to Melody.

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Melody giggles, mood shifting as she stands, making her way over to the map "I was thinking we could move? I mean...we'll milk this area dry eventually"

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Allerglance | 401 comments "I guess so..." Nero looks at boarded window, searching for something among the cracks of light. "We should pack at least. How's your katana?"

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"In mint condition, you have enough arrows?" she grins, her accent making it sound more like 'rows'

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Allerglance | 401 comments 'Umm..." He tapped the air as counted the arrows. "Ten seems enough, unless you want me to play a fletch on your katana?" He gave a small smirk.

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Glaring at him, she shifts her Katana away from him warily.
"No thanks" she smirked.
"What happens when you loose one? You have the kit to make another?"

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Allerglance | 401 comments "Yup," He said. One by one, Nero packed the arrows on his black mini quiver and slung the bow's string on his shoulder. He stood up and reach his hand out to Melody. "I just need a good branch, some feathers I guess... and a good rock."

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Melody grabbed it, sliding her katana into it's scabbard before allowing him to pull her up.
"You said your sibling lived here with you...no?" she asks, grabbing a piece of paper to write on "What happens when they come back and we're gone. Do you want to leave 'structions?"

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Allerglance | 401 comments "Yes." He said with aging eyes. "I guess you could write:
'Dear, potato, left with Mel cause we got bored and hungry. Hope you're alright. I'll leave breadcrumbs with every shot.

From your Dumbass brother.'

She should know that's me. Thank you, Melody. names are good so someone thinks this a joke, my sis will understand." Nero goes and opens the door, silently. He extends an arm outside. "Ladies with swords first."

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Melody scribbled it quickly, rolling her eyes as she took a step outside.
"Isn't it 'ladies first?' " she grins, bringing out her katana and slicing a lumbering zombie in the hallway in half.

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Allerglance | 401 comments Nero takes a quick step back, "WOAH!" He catches himself and takes an arrow. "But it's the zombie apocalypse. It's just who strategically fit to go first... ew... they do smell don't they?" Nero lowers his bow and follows Melody.

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She crinkles her nose with a nod "Just. I`m used to it by now" Melody murmured, walking so slowly, Nero is the only one heard.
Finally, they make it to the cleared stairway that leads to the front door "Cars out front...right?"

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Allerglance | 401 comments "uuggghh, it's supposed to be out?" Nero takes a quick peek out the door. "Oh good, it's there," with sarcasm. "But there are a few zombies around it..." Three zombies stand near the car dotted like a triangle.

(sorry for the delay, I was a bit busy yesterday)

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((Its cool!))
Melody groaned lightly, wiping off her katana on him before sprinting forward.
She came up to the first zombie, cutting it cleanly in half with no problem. Looking at Nero expectingly she gestures to the one closest to him before taking out the Zombie next to the passengers seat.

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Allerglance | 401 comments ((Thanks!))
With one zombie left, Nero snaps a finger to the zombie. "What about her --" Melody spins with her blade, decapitating the zombie. As it bounced on the floor, Melody ends it with a quick stab to let it finally rest. Nero gapes before he speaks. "Um, okay..." He moves toward the passenger seat. "I guess I call shotgun?" He suddenly flicks a wallet, revealing a card with his face. "Unless you still have your driver's licence? I don't want any zombie police pulling us over and asking for our brains if we can't show our license."

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Melody growls, sheathing her blade angrily "You almost killed us last time!" She shouts angrily, getting into the front seat with a `oomp`. Again, she rolls her eyes at the comment "we took out all the officers in this area. remember?"

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Allerglance | 401 comments "Yes, ma'am...." Nero stumbles a bit as he takes his seat. He gasp a bit before speaking, "sorry." Gulping a memory, he keeps to himself before trying to speak again. "I... I think we should make stop to a nearby house or something when the moon goes down." Melody keeps a stern face at the road.

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"I think you should grow up" Melody snaps, swerving down a cleared streat towards an area they haven't cleared yet.
"That zombie was meant for you to kill, man up and start using that bow" she murmurs, honking at a zombie to draw its attention.

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Allerglance | 401 comments Nero tilts and shakes his head lightly, idiot. He takes quick glance on the road, "I will. I'll take first watch too, I need some time to practice with my bow." He places his palm below his chin, pulling it and repeating it again for the rest of the ride. practice, practice, practice.

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"Y-you don`t have to do that" she murmurs "I`ll take first watch, you know how bad my insomnia is anyway" suddenly flustered, melody blurts "I`m sorry, just don't want you to die"

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Allerglance | 401 comments Nero stops and pouts, a few tears on his eyes. "Sorry,, I...I .. I don't want you to die too, and I'm worried about my sister. I don't know whether she alive's alive or..." He looks at Melody and smiles. "I just want you to feel a bit happy with all the dead around, too." He takes a quick breathe and rubs his eye, "why can't we both stay up? I'm serious, I need to get some practice and start shooting some heads."

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Melody rolled her eyes playfully "get enough wood an I'm in" she grins, suckerpunching him.
"Listen, my mum and da...I think about them every day ya know"

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Allerglance | 401 comments Nero breathes the punch in before speaking with a wheeze. "Well... when was the last time you saw them?" He massaged his arm for a bit. "And sure thing."

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"When I was four. They died in a car accident" she said a bit sheepishly.
Looking around, she pulls down a long driveway.

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Allerglance | 401 comments "I... " he murmurs his thoughts before speaking. "They would be proud to see you now, Melody--their loving, and caring, katana wielding daughter." He lowers his palm to her hand on the brakes. "I'm not really religious but, there's a norse or, just a legend. They say that a Vörðr is a wraith of a loved one follows you till your death. Like a ghost that follows you. Maybe their following you now, keeping you safe."

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She shivers from contact, looking at him with big green eyes. Melody smiles slightly "that was a mouthful, was it not?" She's full out grinning now.
Shifting to parking, the car now sits in front of a mansion.
The groans of the dead could be heard from inside.

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Allerglance | 401 comments Nero leans near to Melody and whispers. "Later, right now let's bolt to that house," he points at a small house with covered windows. "Slowly," he says, slowly opening his side. "Be safe, Melody"

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Melody`s silent, grabbing a bag quietly and moving forward. Her katana is out in case of an emergency. She blinks, grabbing the doorknob and opening the door slightly.
A hand shoots out, but Melody reacts appropriately, cutting it off swiftly.
"Get on the other side, so when I open it...they come out and are easier to kill" she whispers, watching the Zombies lope around the yard.

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Allerglance | 401 comments Nero raises a thumb's up as he prepares his bow. He walks slowly, taking aim to a zombie about to walk into a tree. It' head makes a light thump on the bark. "You should go in first, let's not make any sound until we've locked and muffled the house," he whispers. Nero scans every zombie at the road and around them. Seeing a zombie lumbering towards the car, he pulls the arrow from the bow and jabs at the zombie. The zombie falls silently as Nero pulls the arrow with a quick tugged as he lowered it's head.

Great, I may not use the bow now, but these arrows can still be my knives .

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Melody scoffs "me? Make a sound?" She hisses sarcastically, walking inside slowly. An unsuspecting newly dead zombie jumps forward, clawing at Melody. She rolls her eyes, cutting the head in half and watching the body fall in satisfaction.
Walking forward. Melody drops the curtains around the house, closing doors and securing everything. Suddenly she hears a high pitch scream from upstairs.
Running up with a look of "keep securing" in Neros direction, she goes to the closest door and opens it. Met by the sight of an infant trapped in a blanket cocoon, she goes forward with a coo. The baby cries and reaches for her. She picks is up, bouncing it with a him and begins coming back downstairs.

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him not him

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Allerglance | 401 comments "A BABY" Nero whispers loudly dropping a few boxes. "I'll take him, he needs to talk to another baby." He takes the baby carefully from Melody. She raises an eyebrow as Nero slowly rocks it. "Deyr, Deyr," said Nero, imitating the baby. He walks deeper into the house as he calms the baby down. Pouting his mouth, shifting his head with clumsy faces until the baby stays relaxed. Melody shrugs a "really?" to Nero. "You should take her, him for now, I'll prepare some gourmet canned food. And find something for the baby."

(lol, I see)

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Melody giggles softly, grabbing the baby back with trembling hands "hello!~" she coos once more, tickling the babies neck gently. It giggles and squirms.
"Want me to go see if I can find out its name?" She says, now looking at nero "while you cool I mean" setting down her katana she bounces the infant.

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Allerglance | 401 comments "Yes please," Nero says before vanishing into a kitchen. He slings the bag over the table, grabbing some canned food. He plops a can of corns at the counter and opens the stove. Later, he brings a bowl of corn with a spoon to Melody, who sits with the infant. "Bon Appétit, Melody." He sits with Melody and feeds her a scoop. "As for the baby, " Nero says as he reveals a baby bottle with yellow tinted liquid "You get corn water-thank god canned food have extended expiry dates." He says sarcastically, feeding it to the baby.

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The baby wrinkles its nose but hesitantly begins slurping it down. Melody chuckles "look at little Emilie" she mumbles, running a hand through the babies hair. "Drinking her corn water and eating it like a big girl" she smiles, looking at Nero suddenly What are we going to do with a baby!" She cries "raise it?! During the zombie apocalypse?"

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Allerglance | 401 comments "I have a sister who's probably kicking some zombie ass, so yes?" Nero says plainly without surprise. "It's better we raise her than leaver her to be honest. She might save us one day." Nero says with a smile, taking a scoop of corn. Nero pouts, "Won't you get to kick some zombie ass too, Emily?"

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Melody sighs in anger "we sleeping down here tonight?" She asks, looking at all the bodies scattered about the room. "We could move upstairs and clean this out tomorrow" she informs with a nod, bouncing Emilie slightly to entertain the fussy baby.

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Allerglance | 401 comments "You go first, I'll pile them up at least and lock them in a closet to be safe." He starts pulling the bodies one by one to hall and locking it all with a lock he found in the kitchen drawer.

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