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Why I write about vampires.

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Debby (debbyfeo) | 84 comments Mod
When I was in high school, I used to watch "Dark Shadows", which was on every afternoon, much like a soap opera. (Are they still called that?)
My favorite movie vampires were in "Interview With a Vampire" and were played by Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Antonio Banderas.
I was interested in the moral conflict of a being compelled to drink blood in order to survive.
When I decided to write my own version of a vampire, I deliberately stopped watching or reading about any other fictional vampires, so as not to be influenced by anyone else's ideas.
I did, however, do research on world-wide myths, later on in my Vampire writings, once my characters were well developed, mainly to find out if there were Vampire myths during the First Century A.D. This research led to some of my other supernatural characters that my vampires encountered.

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Phyllis Hallam | 11 comments I love your research. The more I learn about Rome or space or US Western history, the more I am amazed when I think, “Oh, that was in Debby’s story!” So I also appreciate your blocking research on vampires to keep your particular take on them fresh and original. Which I think you do!

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Debby (debbyfeo) | 84 comments Mod
Thank you, Phyllis!

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Phyllis Hallam | 11 comments Definitely supported by your writing. Helps me understand why I like your stories so much!

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Debby (debbyfeo) | 84 comments Mod
Thank you, Phyllis, my #1 fan!

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Debby (debbyfeo) | 84 comments Mod
One of my favorite TV Vampires is Damon Salvatore. I didn’t start watching “The Vampire Diaries” until the middle of the 3rd season, after my own vampires’ characters were well developed.
After watching the First Season of “V Wars”, I’m liking Adrian Holme’s vampire, as he still has a conscience.
Thank you to Jonathan Maberry for imagining “V Wars”, and for Netflix for the first 10 episodes. Great cast of characters, including Ian Somerhalder.

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