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Reverse Love Triangles..?

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Extinction Hello there!

So I have had this thought for a really long time and I would like to know if anyone knows if there are any books like that.

Everyone knows how this trope usually works: two guys go after one girl and then she ends up with one of them.

But what I am curious about is whether anyone knows if there are books in which the two guys going after the girl actually end up together instead?

I would really LOVE to read something like that, but I am not even sure where to start in my search for books like that.XD

Thank you for any of your help!!

Gloria Honestly, that is my theory with absolutely EVERYTHING.


The closest you could get to that, I guess, is The Infernal Devices Trilogy. Sure, the matter of Team Will or Team Jem, but I think we all know the TRUE OTP is Heronstairs.

Then again, you would have to read TMI for that to make any sense..

Or maybe you've already read it.

In my experience, I have not come across any of those sorts of books (though believe me, I would LOVE to) but I mean, TID is a small baby step.

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