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The Midnight Sea (The Fourth Element, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Teen, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, other dimension, war, zombie. rotagonist is a girl, bracelet, bonded, binded. Humans warriors/soldiers bind to lesser humans by a bracelet. This lesser human has powers suppressed with this bracelet. [s]

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Mai | 2 comments I cant recall how many books there were, maybe 3-4? It probably came out in 2015 or later. I recalled it was already on audio book but I didn’t want to buy the audio.

Humans warriors (solders) are bind to a lesser human by a bracelet. This lesser human has powers and it is suppressed with this bracelet. While it suppresses the power, it also gives them a defect. Basically, these warriors goes to battles with these lesser humans and fight off what they described to be like zombies where they eat flesh.

The protagonist is a girl. She lives in the forest. I think they were farmers and gatherers. She was collecting something with her younger sister when this zombie-like create comes and bit her sister. She attempted to save her sister even though she knew that it was hopeless. They ended up by a cliff and her uncle saved her by killing her sister. This resonated with her and she wanted to become a warrior to fight these creates that took her sister. She left her family to join and went to be trained at a camp. I think her captain’s name might have been Eleias (E-Lee-ias). She learned how to fight and was paired with this boy that had a shrunken arm. She also had new team member that was a girl, who was a princess that ran away from the kingdom because her dad wanted to marry her off to this old guy has already have multiple wives. She was already bonded to a girl and her defect was being a mute. Regular humans grew up thinking that these lesser humans brought the zombies and so they were suppressed and always hated.

They found out that these lesser humans came from a different dimension, thinking they just wanted to explore other worlds. Once they got to the human world, they were suppressed and treated like slaves because the humans were scared of them. Their queen didn’t want them to bring humans back so she set a spell, once you walk thru their gate, it will wipe their memories so that no one can bring their dimension harm.

Eventually, the main girl and the binded boy fell in love… The boy grew up in an orphanage school that raised people like him. He was always hated and never knew his parents so he hated himself. He worshiped the water god because I think his weakness might have been fire and regular humans worshiped fire god. There was a guy that figured out how to make those bracelets with the fire and the King then forced these lesser humans to become slaves. Come to find out that binded boy’s parents were the first of their kind to enter the human dimension. He was a prince in his dimension and their kind were kept in a factory/ farm and forced to mate so that they can use their kids as slaves. His mom was forced to marry the king.

They went on a journey to stop the White witch who was trying to steal something, I cant remember what it was but it opens or summons something so that she can destroy the human dimension. I believe these zombies creatures were her doing. The white witch was looking for the father because they were old lovers but since he left with the memory loss spell, he fall in love with the binded boy’s mom, which angered her. She lured the girl with other people into her dark dimension. There are a lot of ghost/ spirits and she tricked the girl into drinking or eating something that made her loss her memory. She wanted the same pain that happened to her to happen to kids.
I think the binded boy stayed behind with other troops (they asked other kingdoms to help join the fight) outside of the lake that had a portal to enter into the white queens dimension. I recalled something happened and the portal open up letting the bigger demons come through and they were fighting trying to survive. Then all of a sudden the girl comes out and the binded boy was so happy but then they girl overlooked him as if she didn’t know him because out the memory loss potion… I believe that was the end of one book and another was supposed to come out after that and then I lost track of the series.

>Eleais binded human died
>The princess’ binded girl also died

I hope this helps!! I tried my best but it has been a couple of years since I read it.

Thank you in advance!!!!

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Mai | 2 comments Yes, it is!!! Thank you sooo much!!!

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