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Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Be aware that this may have gruesome stuff. But hey, don't all writers do this occasionally? Just please don't steal my ideas!! I had fun making them up and don't want someone else to use them without permission at least.

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The Parasite:

The Disease:
The Safaan disease spreads only through a bite to the skin. Once bitten by one of these rare spider creatures, the virus is injected into the bloodstream. It stays dormant for several hours after, providing no symptoms. From the bloodstream, it makes its way to the brain and goes into the actual brain itself. The first symptom may begin with a temper change; angry, frustrated, or being strangely happy. It differs from person to person, and this may be a later symptom.
Now that the virus is implanted in the victim’s brain, it will start to multiply and grow. This enhances the symptoms and also tells the brain to signal certain parts of the body to tasks that aren’t needed. Excessive sweating, shivering, among others.
The Safaan disease can be cured, but only if the symptoms are discovered with plenty enough time to spare. The only doctor who has ever studied this disease and knows how to cure it is Dr. Meclendon. Depending on where the victim is, they may or may not survive. Stories say the doctor is kind of psychotic.

Symptoms: Feeling sharp pain through body(from nerves), sometimes confused, having bouts of being delirious, dizziness, terrors, dangerous temper changes(furiously angry, extremely happy, suddenly depressed for no known reason), shivering, sweating, fevers, trembling, and a red rash that is hot to the touch.

If not treated soon enough, victim will only grow worse as the virus spreads through their brain, causing it to shut down parts of the body after long periods of time. Victim may become less responsive, may go blind, unable to use certain limbs, have difficulty breathing. Comas may end up happening if untreated for too long, and death will certainly follow without the cure.

Safaan can't spread from person to person.

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