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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Young Adult/Fiction for a girl being forced to go to a party by her boyfriend

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Vini | 1 comments Spoilers Ahead

This book I read a couple of years ago. Remember only bits about the plot.

The female lead goes to a party on the insistence of her boyfriend to save his evil/jealous teenage sister from the guy who has thrown the party as he was a a famous playboy (male lead) or something. The girls goes against her better instincts and gets taken advantage of and filmed. The boyfriend refuses to accept her.

Don't remember much else.

The end is however that they eventually live together (the female lead and the playboy) and have a child together.

One more bit i remember is that the playboy was previously in love with the girl called Sylvia (probably an older woman).

I have read this book before 2012. So published before that.

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