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message 1: by Maria (new)

Maria V. Snyder (maria_v_snyder) | 186 comments There is a BIG TYPO in SEA GLASS - at the very end...after the story... you'll see:

Another adventure lies ahead for Opal.
Check back in fall 2011!

Don't freak! SPY GLASS is scheduled for a fall 2010 release.

I'm not too happy with the printer right now - the acknowledgements for SEA GLASS are missing (to read them go here: ).

And they forgot to give credit to my brother-in-law, Chris for the Magician's Keep map (he took my penciled scribble and converted into a nice drawing). I gave them permission to put it in the book...Free, but asked them to give him credit. At least the dedication made it in without any errors.

message 2: by Alethea (new)

Alethea A (frootjoos) | 481 comments Mod
Augh. Will they be reprinting with the proper page next time? Jane's name was on there ^_^

I guess it could be worse. They could have misspelled your name. My company had an employee-author contest and printer misspelled the author's name on the whole first run! :(

message 3: by Donna (new)

Donna (deety) This is great to hear! I was bummed to think I'd have to wait two whole years for more.

message 4: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly | 37 comments I'm so excited that it was a typo! It must be frustrating to have something that is so personal and have them mess it up!

message 5: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 175 comments I'm sorry to hear about all the typos. That must be very frustrating. Does this occur often when authors publish their books or is this just a rare glitch?

message 6: by Maria (last edited Aug 27, 2009 11:45AM) (new)

Maria V. Snyder (maria_v_snyder) | 186 comments Almost every book has a typo somewhere - a ton of people read through the manuscript, but they still sneak by or are messed up with printing.

I haven't had too many problems - Opal's last name was misspelled on the back of STORM GLASS and the map of Ixia/Sitia has a typo - can anyone find it??

Some are more frustrating than others - mistakes happen, you can't get upset over every little thing - I'm most unhappy about the acknowledgements - the other stuff in minor.

Alethea - they will be putting in the corrections with a second print run - but who knows when that will be.

message 7: by Reema (new)

Reema | 142 comments My copy of storm glass has Sandseed written sanseed? Is that it?

message 8: by Alethea (new)

Alethea A (frootjoos) | 481 comments Mod
Well, we'll just have to sell out of the first run ASAP! (we are sold out of Poison Study YA and almost out of the adult Poison Study too--have been for *ages*--at least since June? And status on my screen says "awaiting publisher reprint"--well! Hop to it, Mira!

message 9: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 175 comments I can understand minor typos- I find those in books all the time. But failure to give credit and the missing acknowledgements seems a bit ridiculous. Very sorry. :(

message 10: by Maria (new)

Maria V. Snyder (maria_v_snyder) | 186 comments Reema - you're right - it's Sanseed - missing the d :( It's fixed on my website - in fact, my website has a colored map thanks to my new web guy :)

Alethea - I'll ask my editor about the books - they're slow about reprints - takes them ages!

message 11: by Keelin (new)

Keelin | 96 comments All my uk books have Sanseed written in them instead off Sandseed......even my study series ones ????????? is it just uk boks that this messes up with or are all books like that.????

message 12: by Maria (new)

Maria V. Snyder (maria_v_snyder) | 186 comments Actually Keelin, the UK wanted a map first - so they did the original one and then shared it with the others. But it's my fault for not spotting the missing D - they did send me a mock-up to make sure it looked good - I'm horrible at spotting typos - I should have had my husband look at it - he's way better than me.

The other stuff about SEA GLASS wasn't my fault!

message 13: by Keelin (new)

Keelin | 96 comments until u mentioned it i never even saw it either :L:L:L
as long as it doesn't mess up the story i don't really either way.
cant wait till january tey get sea glass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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