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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Jay | 18 comments Hello!

I am looking for a Beta reader for my Fantasy novel. I'm struggling to finish editing this draft (I'm on the third one!) and having someone read it really motivates me!

Devonmire is a land ruled by five gods. The countries coexist in harmony, but there is something spreading among them. It starts in the north, among the people of the mists who possess strange powers given to them by their god. Lydia Minot is a seamstress fighting a crusade for the rights of the people she holds dear - but all of that changes the day she meets a god she has never heard of in the forest.
Now she has a secret to keep, and a bigger war to fight. The very existence of the gods is at stake, and it could all depend on an elderly priest, a small child of the nomads, and what Lydia carries within her.
If the gods are no more, how will the world fight against the evil that they have kept at bay for centuries?

I'm not looking for someone who's going to edit it for me. I'd like someone who enjoys reading and wants to try a fantasy that's a bit different from the typical European, quasi-medieval, style.

Thank you in advance to anyone interested!

message 2: by The Stench (new)

The Stench (shelby-reads) | 9 comments Any interest in doing a trade? My urban fantasy is 113k.

I'm not your go-to for line-by-line feedback. I prefer keeping a journal as I read and then sending all my collected thoughts at one time. :) I've seen other beta readers who add comments/suggestions to an MS as they're reading, and that's not really my style. I prefer to ingest the entire work before I discuss it.

message 3: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Jay | 18 comments I'm not normally down for that but I'm desperate for help so I'm willing to do my best, lol.

I'm a mom of three working two jobs, so I won't be very speedy. When I beta read, I tend to approach it as a reader, not a writer or an editor, so sometimes my notes are just me yelling at the characters or screaming about how much I love something.

If that sounds okay to you then I'm willing to try it.

message 4: by The Stench (new)

The Stench (shelby-reads) | 9 comments I will read yours either way; it sounds interesting :) don't worry about mine.
my email is
shelbytench @ gmail

message 5: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Jay | 18 comments Thank you! I shared the document with you on One Drive!

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