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In Her Sights (Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters, #1)
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Theresa | 6083 comments Excellent start of a new action suspense thriller featuring 5 badass sisters running a bounty hunter business out of the family home located just outside Denver. Filled with humor, action, life & death thrills, the most lovable giant doofus of a dog, and just the perfect soupçon of hot sexy romance with a real hunk, one of my favorite genre authors hit all the right notes!

Molly is the eldest sister, the one who from a very young age stepped up to care for and mother her younger sisters when their mom Jane could not be bothered or was serving time for one petty crime or another. Now Jane has gone too far, committing a felony and skipping town after putting the family home at risk to an unscrupulous bailbondsman Barney, who is angling for their house and to have the sisters bring in a dangerous criminal skipping out on his bail. While her sisters attempt to track down their mother, Molly finds herself teaming up with a gorgeous muscular dimpled competitor, after whom she secretly lusts, to track and bring in the dangerous skip so Barney holds off on taking their home.

Of course, can love be far behind?

Don't expect Jane to be found and the house saved until all 5 sisters have found true love. Fine with me, especially if all have adventures as enjoyable as Molly had! I just am sad at the long wait between each book in the series.🙄

message 2: by KateNZ (new)

KateNZ | 2207 comments Fun! Sounds worth reading for the dog alone!!

ShazM | 351 comments Sounds right up my street! I loved the Rocky Mountain K9 stories so I'll add this one to my list as well.

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Nicole R (drnicoler) | 7644 comments I have stumbled across this author a couple of times but have yet to pick up a book by her. Perhaps it is finally time!

message 5: by Amy (new)

Amy | 8164 comments You had me hooked at 5 badass sisters!

Theresa | 6083 comments ShazM wrote: "Sounds right up my street! I loved the Rocky Mountain K9 stories so I'll add this one to my list as well."

I too loved her Rocky Mountain K-9 Series and have been wzitiing for this one rather impatiently. IMHO it is better as Ruggle has really come into her own as an author.

Theresa | 6083 comments Amy wrote: "You had me hooked at 5 badass sisters!"

Right?! Especially coupled with "bounty hunters". You just know they have skills!

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Hebah (quietdissident) | 675 comments Suspense/thriller type romances aren't my typical kissing book fare, but this sounds intriguing. I like the sisters angle. Would you say this is a better series to jump in with this author, then?

Theresa | 6083 comments Maybe, but it is only the first in series, rest will be published over next 2 or 3 years. If you like it, you can read the other series while waiting for the next in this one. They are not interelated series.

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