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Help me find this Fantasy Book!

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Kellen Carpenter Possible spoilers ahead:
This book is from the early 2000's or 90's and I know that because it was older. It is an Adult fantasy novel. The plot centers around dragons and an expedition on a boat in a river to locate them. There is a wealthy young women who is forced to marry a cruel man and he takes her on the expedition with an explorer (who might be her brother? I do not remember) and some other people. Other than that, all I remember is that the cover had red and blue and other colored dragons perched by a river and a boat on the river. The cover was much like a sketch with color. Thank you for any help!

Yvette Hi Kellen,
maybe Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb? This is the first of 3 books in the series Liveship Traders. The other two are called the Mad Ship and Ship of Destiny
The dragons are called Serpents and there is a lot more going on than the search for the dragons, but the story sounds at least superficially right: Althea Vestrit and her brother-in-law Kyle Haven; Vivacia, the life ship; Malta who undertakes the trip on the river to find a lost city where the serpents dwell (if I remember correctly).
Anyway, good luck with your search, and if it isn't Ship of Magic, I'm curious to know the correct answer, because it sounds intriguing enough to put on my to-read list.

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