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The Willow Tree's Daughter
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Fantasy, princess is the daughter of a tree spirit. [s]

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Jess Lamanna (jessllama) | 2 comments I've been trying to figure out the name of this book for years, so hopefully someone might know what it's called. I read this book back in 2004-2006, but given the wear and the styling of the book, I think it might have been from the late 90's. The cover was illustrated and showed the princess looking into a mirror. If I remember correctly, the author was female and it was published either in english.

It was a young adult/children's book about a princess and her friend and the adventures they get into. The story mainly takes place in what could be considered a fantasy medieval time. I cannot remember if this was a series or a single book, but I'm pretty sure it was single.

The princess is the daughter of a king, who fell in love with a tree spirit. In the backstory of the king and his wife, it's explained that he would go into the forest to hunt and as a joke, the tree spirit dropped a branch on his head, injuring him. She fells bad about it, nurses him back to health and the two start to hang out together often. One night, she leaves her tree and during a sudden storm, it's destroyed. She tells the king and is very upset and after some talking, she returns with him to his kingdom and becomes his queen.

There's a couple of small side stories about the other mystical creatures that live in the realm, such as an air dragon. Many of these creatures tell the princess about her mother.

There is also a part at the end of the book where the princess is older and is told she must marry. She sets up a contest for her suitors, telling them that they must make a garden and the one with the most beautiful garden and best taken care of wins. Her childhood friend joins the contest and wins, as he's been tending to the palace gardens for years.

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Danielle | 152 comments Maybe Belle: A Retelling of "Beauty and the Beast" ?I haven't read it but there is a tree as a significant symbol in it.

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Mai | 1164 comments Maybe The Willow Tree's Daughter by Pamela Freeman? Found searching online. The cover doesn't match but the description does:
With a king for a father and a tree spirit for a mother, Betony is a reluctant princess who prefers the simple, outdoor life. This is the story of her life at the palace, her adventures with wizards, hobgoblins, unicorns and dragons, and her love for the gardener's apprentice.

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Jess Lamanna (jessllama) | 2 comments Yes! Oh my goodness, that's the one! It's a different cover but that is exactly the book! Thank you so much!

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