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Taran (taranlharrison) | 6 comments Edition ISBN number: 978-1-474-03794-5
page numbers 428 can this be altered please?
This is a ebook too

Thank you

message 2: by annob (new)

annob | 1484 comments Hi Taran,

Searching by ISBN I could see your edition is already here:

Could you please let us know what is the source for your page count?

Taran (taranlharrison) | 6 comments That edition doesnt have 428 pages (when i clicked on it)
What do you mean by the source of my page count?
It was Published 2016 by HQ Then by HaperCollinsPublishersLtd
it is a e book version rather than a paperback which is not an option in the editions.

message 4: by annob (new)

annob | 1484 comments Perhaps we have a misunderstanding - you linked this thread to a hardcover edition, so I directed you to the ebook edition that matched the ISBN you posted in msg 1. Is your book an ebook or a paperback?

Taran (taranlharrison) | 6 comments ah my bad! ebook, i thought i created a new thread.
But the ebook you linked me too still did not have the correct page count - which is the pain problem here..

message 6: by annob (last edited Apr 03, 2019 06:19AM) (new)

annob | 1484 comments Ok, good! Now we're on the same page :)

How do you know your ebook is 428 pages?

Taran (taranlharrison) | 6 comments it says at the bottom of the screen - page 1 out of 428 pages...

message 8: by annob (new)

annob | 1484 comments Ah, I understand. Unless you're reading a PDF file type ebook, those numbers are dynamic. The page number varies based the screen size of each reader's device. So the page number you see is not always the same as another person reading the same ebook might see.

Due to this variation, Goodreads has a rule for ebooks to add the page count the publisher (or the author) announces for the ebook. Since the page count of 351 is added without comment about where the number comes from, I can't rule out it might have come from the publisher.

Taran (taranlharrison) | 6 comments its from my local library through Borrowbox (UK) and it sucks if it cant be edited as that kinda defeats the point of completing number of pages read challenge.
I think that is a tad silly, not to be able to change it or add even, i understand your logic but if it cant be questioned why bother updating my progress when the book pages are incorrect.

message 10: by annob (last edited Apr 03, 2019 07:34AM) (new)

annob | 1484 comments I can understand why you're disappointed but those are the rules GRs Librarians have to adhere to.

The page count can be edited if we could find a listing where the publisher has stated a different page number for your edition than the current 351 pages.

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