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Jeffrey Skarin | 1 comments Sorry if this is duplicate, I posted earlier but I cant find my post so im re-posting to make sure it went through

Looking for the name of a book I read back in like 2006 I remember it was about a witch (twin 1), I think she had red hair(pretty sure?) and she had a twin(twin 2) but they were separated at birth or something. Witches are bad in that world and are hunted by like "sniffers" or something. She (1) had really long hair and had to get her hair cut or something and when she did a single strand of hair didn't get burned afterwards and the the "sniffers" came through and tracked her down with it and ended up torturing her. Specific wording like "the torturer walked up to the naked man on the wall and put his testicles in his hand and squeezed and the dude fainted" really wierd imagery wording.

There was also a man who had wings, he kinda fell in love with twin 1 but ended up marriying the other twin (2) and there was an awkward moment when twin 2 left and the winged dude was drunk and almost slept with twin 1 instead of twin 2.

Twin 2 was raised by a like tribe or something out in the wild, and there was a scene where twin 2 was talking to twin 1, twin 2 had fallen from a tree and broken her ankle when she was younger and twin 1 was like "omg I totally remember feeling a crazy pain one day in my leg when I was younger"

There were multiple books, im trying to remember as much as I can.
I think there was also another plot of a man who live on the sea and like fell off into the ocean or something and a "sea goddess" or something wrapped around him in the ocean, and kept him safe till he resurfaced, I also remember that he was back on the ship at one point and was delivered some very terrible news, like a parent died or something, and he was so sad he took out a knife and started cutting his arms because he was so distraught and then he lifted up his shirt and sliced his belly very hard and at that point one of the nearby people stepped in to stop him.

I think there was something else about like sea people
I remember something about the sea, some dude who kept sleeping with a "concubine" they kept using that word a lot specifically, something about a black pearl.

Also something about this really like nerdy dude who lived in a castle in like the swamp or something and was set up on a date with a pretty girl by his mom (i think) and I remember a scene where they are on like a "canoe" ride in the like "swamp-ish land" and there is like a giant flower or something in the swamp, and inside is this crazy valuable nectar but if you put your arm in to get it it slams shut and takes your arm off, and the dude strolls the boat right near one and takes a wine glass and expertly scoops some out and gets his arm out in the nick of time and gift the glass full of liquid to the girl to drink.

(this may or may not have been from a movie or a different book but im pretty sure its the same book, there were like 3 books in the series so alot happened)
Also a scene about a man with a twin. Twin 1 has got a screwed up leg, or I think he may have had "the boot" as punishment (idk something that maimed his leg. and the other one, twin 2, is like the king. Twin 1 gets imprisoned and has like the iron mask put over his head. Twin 1 gets rescued, twin 2 get knocked out and has the iron mask put over his head and to make it seem like he is twin 1 they like jump and stomp on his leg a crap ton to screw it up like twin 1's leg is.

I'm really sorry if this is actually two books im trying to remember but i'm thinking it is just 1, but if that is the case I would still really appreciate either of the titles! Thankyou!

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Lobstergirl | 37562 comments Mod
So far this is your only post in the group (unless you have another account of course).

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Paige | 588 comments Not something I've read, but...
The Witches of Eileanan?

Edited to add, in case they're more familiar:
The Pool of Two Moons
The Cursed Towers?

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Paige | 588 comments Bump.

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Aspiring Scribbler | 64 comments The description has some similarities to the Witches of Eileanan, but I don't think that's what you're looking for. (However, I've only read the first one so far.)

One of the key plot points of that book is the relationship between one of the witches (the tutor of the first twin) with a small group of dragons. The OP hasn't mentioned dragons at all, but I think they would have made an impression...

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Sheena  | 4 comments Could it be Twitches? There were 10 books and two Disney movies.

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El | 502 comments T*Witches series for Sheena's suggestion

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