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message 1: by Deshaun (new)

Deshaun | 5 comments Hello everyone! I'm looking for beta readers to take a look at my first three chapters of my YA fantasy story. I'm still working out some kinks for the end of the book but the beginning (I think) is pretty solid. I'd like feedback on them to see what others think.

I'm looking for just a few things: how well does the beginning grab your attention, how interesting are the characters, and does everything flow/make sense? If there's other things you'd like to give feedback on too, please feel free to do so!

Tentative synopsis:

Teagan Storm is on borrowed time.

She’s been sick for months, her health growing worse day by day. It’s only a matter of when, not if, her body gives up fighting the mysterious illness that’s completely taken over her life.

But when she witnesses a murder she shouldn’t have seen and is kidnapped because of it, she’s taken to a new world where her unexplainable symptoms suddenly make sense: she has magic.

Though reluctant at first to use her gifts and explore her new world, she soon realizes she may not have a choice. Because there’s an evil hunting down wizards like her. Having healing magic shouldn’t be a threat but the sudden bodies of other dead healers and multiple attempts on her life beg to differ.

With the help of friends and allies she makes along her journey, it’s a race against the clock to make sure what’s killing off healers doesn’t get to her too. Because if she fails, it will mean unleashing a malicious threat that will affect not only her new world, but her old as well.

If you're interested, send me a dm or let me know in the comments and I'll be happy to send it to you. Thank you!

message 2: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Latulippe | 13 comments I’d love to read what you have. :) sounds like it would be sad but has twists.

message 3: by Deshaun (new)

Deshaun | 5 comments Oh perfect! What’s your email? I’ll send it on over :)

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