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The Solace of Water
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message 1: by Beth, Head Librarian (new) - added it

Beth | 2362 comments Mod
This month's Group Buddy Read is The Solace of Water by Elizabeth Byler Younts.

GR Summary:
After the loss of her young son, Carver, an African-American preacher’s wife named Delilah Evans moves with her family from Montgomery, Alabama, to Sinking Creek, Pennsylvania, for a fresh start. The last thing she could have imagined was becoming friends with Emma Mullet, a reclusive Amish woman.

Emma is fighting personal battles of her own and feels estranged from her small Amish community. The secrets that have kept her isolated from her own community serve to unite her in an unlikely friendship with Delilah.

Sparrow, Delilah’s eldest daughter, knows she is responsible for the death of her little brother. When tensions at home become unbearable, she seeks solace at Emma’s house, becoming the surrogate daughter Emma has always wanted. Sparrow, however, is hiding secrets of her own, secrets that could sever all ties to her safe refuge.

Life for these three gets harder when church and social issues confront them, causing rifts within Sinking Creek’s three distinct communities: whites, blacks, and Amish. When their carefully protected secrets come to light, there seems to be little hope for friendship, restoration, or even forgiveness. But when the unthinkable happens, Delilah and Emma find themselves looking into the mirror of their own self-deceptions and are forced to make a choice that will set the way of their future.

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Staci | 2266 comments Mod
This is one of the few 5 star reads I had in 2018. I will likely join in.

message 3: by Hannah (new)

Hannah  Cook (hannahcwrites) Sure! I'm in.

Kriste | 60 comments exceptional book!

Sarita | 1692 comments I have this and plan/hope to get to this this month!

Kate (liahonagirl) | 497 comments This one's on my list for reading this month and I look forward to the discussion. ☺

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AlegnaB † (alegnab) | 1485 comments It even fits the April challenge. I bought it last year, but I don't know if I'll read it this month.

Kathleen Meacham | 23 comments Excellently written story - intense. Glad I read it.

Linda Branich (mabranich) | 223 comments Just got it from the library today

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Beth | 2362 comments Mod
This is indeed an intense, exceptional book. I found it beautiful even though I had a hard time reading it. Looking forward to more thoughts from everyone! :)

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Beth | 2362 comments Mod
Hi, all! I’m right at the end of my grad school semester, so I apologize for not being on here much!

I wondered, of the three point of views, which one did you find most compelling? I was very impressed by how the author clearly gave all of them (Dee Dee, Emma, and Sparrow) a very clear voice.

Sarita | 1692 comments I think probably Sparrow.

Kriste | 60 comments Delilah broke my heart... To have the pressure and scrutiny of being a pastor's wife, and not being able to forgive Sparrow, it was deeply sad. Emma also broke my heart, her miscarriage, her hard home life. Sparrow - she so needed some grace!

I found this a very interesting and moving book, and as a transracial adoptive Mom, I always appreciate seeing healthy race relations, even if it is among unhealthy ones....

message 14: by Anna (new) - rated it 4 stars

Anna | 19 comments I liked each of their voices, and felt the pain of their inability to forgive and the heavy burden of the secrets they carried.

Kayla (kaylacheesecake) | 10 comments a moving and a helpful understanding of illness. All three woman had a way of dealing with grief, a way of dealing with loss. this was an excellent read I could not put down.

Karin | 181 comments Wow, I'm late coming here and I finished this weeks ago!

I found each of the POVs equally compelling and all tragic--each one caught up in grief, two of them also in guilt, although for different reasons.

I thought this book was fairly well written and gave a good balance to the situation as it was in the 1950s.

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