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message 1: by Jasmine, Gatekeeper of Giveaways. (new)

Jasmine | 1245 comments Mod
This is the spoiler-free discussion thread for the April winner The Girl King by Meg Clothier.

Georgia, 1177
For twenty years King Giorgi has defended the throne of his fragile kingdom against all comers. Now on the threshold of old age he faces a grave new threat: he has no son to succeed him. There is only his daughter, Tamar; a clever, indomitable and fearless girl.

When a revolt threatens her life, Tamar is sent to live in the mountains, disguised as a boy, until a devastating betrayal places her in the hands of her enemies. Her courageous escape convinces Giorgi she should be his heir, but the nobles are outraged - no woman will ever rule them.

While her father is alive, Tamar has some protection from the hostile forces that surround her, but once he is dead, she is truly alone. She must find the strength to control the bitterly warring factions at court. She must win the respect of her friends and the fear of her enemies. And she must marry a man of whom the elders approve.

But her heart belongs to a reckless boy from the mountains - a poor match for a queen. With rebellion brewing at home and powerful foes circling her borders, Tamar must make a terrible choice between the man she loves and the land she adores ...

〰️Beth〰️ (x1f4a0bethx1f4a0) | 59 comments Does anyone plan to read this besides me?

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris | 521 comments 〰️Beth〰️ wrote: "Does anyone plan to read this besides me?"

I certainly hope all the people who voted for it, are going to read it; or what was the point of voting for it!! It wasn't my choice because it is not in my library system, nor do I use an e-reader. Hope it's good!

message 4: by Jasmine, Gatekeeper of Giveaways. (last edited Apr 15, 2019 10:07AM) (new)

Jasmine | 1245 comments Mod
It’s too expensive to buy for me. The library does not have it. And I agree with Chris. I would hope the people that voted for it plan to read it. I personally don't vote in polls where I know I won't read any of the books. Of course, life happens and I don't always read a book even if I planned to.

〰️Beth〰️ (x1f4a0bethx1f4a0) | 59 comments It wasn’t my pick either. I don’t think anyone realized how old it was and how hard it was to find. I got lucky and found a used copy. I will gladly mail it for free to anyone who wants to read it when I finish, which might be a while. I am on bed rest after back surgery so it will be awhile till I am up and about.

message 6: by Elissa (last edited Apr 17, 2019 08:08PM) (new)

Elissa Matthews | 38 comments Not my choice either, but I thought my library had it. On closer look, it turned out to be a different book with the same title. Oh well.

message 7: by Glennie (last edited Apr 23, 2019 10:46AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Glennie | 2 comments Fast paced and unusual with the focus on medieval Georgia rather than yet another English royal tale. I enjoyed it, and would read another book by this author. It took me a while to find it through interlibrary loan, but I'm glad it finally got it.

Jemima Ravenclaw (jemimaravenclaw) | 151 comments I just finished it. I skim read the second half. All the bits and was most excited about were missing. No authentic feeling at all. It read a little like a bad romantic historical fiction, not a book based on factual evidence. Plenty of casual violence and I thought the main characters were bland and sad. D for dreadful.

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