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Destiny Brown | 155 comments Seeking Reviews For Alternate History Fantasy Novel - Bollywood Invasion

epub, mobi and pdf copies available from the following sites:

Bollywood Invasion by Ricardo Alexanders
Bollywood Invasion
By Ricardo Alexanders
Published: May 2018
ISBN: 978-1981590193 (pb)
ISBN: 978-0463204863 (ebook)
Pages: 332
Genre: Fantasy

A fantasy novel about a modern-day American boy who wakes up in 1958 India as the reincarnation of John Lennon.

Bollywood Invasion opens when the protagonist, a sixteen-years-old boy from Brooklyn, finds himself with riches and power beyond his wildest fantasies in India, thirty-five years before he was born.

Brooklyn is readily forgotten. Life becomes a constant stream of debauchery, coming to a stand-still only when he meets “the one.” However, love doesn’t come easy. He must become a better man, a pursuit ignited by his memories of Beatles songs on his iPod.

Will these legendary songs change his life?

Can he escape Lennon’s eventual tragic fate?

Will he ever find his way back to Brooklyn?

His fate will unfold in Bollywood Invasion.

Bollywood Invasion blends Indian cultural experience, time-travel blend perfectly with the legendary songs from the Beatles.

message 2: by Chrys (new)

Chrys Cymri | 33 comments Hi, just a bit of friendly advice.

Have you obtained permission from the copyright holder(s) of the songs which you quote in your book?

There is NO 'fair use' of song lyrics. Even a single line requires written permission and a payment to the rights holder. A friend of mine used a pop song in one of her romance novels, and she had to pay both damages and remove all the lyrics after the copyright holder contacted her.

Here's some further information:

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