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A Long Story  Short Co. (alongstoryshortco) | 79 comments Mod
As you get through the first couple chapters, what is your first impression? What do you think of the writing style and characters??

Katelyn  R. (katelynhope) | 46 comments I have actually gotten to start this one on time and, I must say, I am pretty hooked already. I have read other Ted Decker novels and I can usually go either way on them. I tend to not like his supernatural stuff as much as his thrillers. So far though, I’ve not been able to put this one down. I am currently about to start chapter 4 and the thing I like most about it is each chapter is from a different characters perspective. It’s something I’ve noticed as a style of Dekker’s and I think it really takes a book to another level because you get to see backstory, thoughts and motives you might not get with only one narrative. So far I think he is setting up very interesting personalities in that Brad slightly reflects the same characteristics as Quinton and Nikki slightly reflects characteristics of the victims. I’m really excited to see where this goes!

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