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Loni Keks (lonikeks) | 21 comments Hello and welcome to my personal challenge!

I am a Reading Challenge member since 2018 and use Goodreads since then.
Currently, my biggest problem is to take time to read because my school stresses me more and more. In my free time, I often watch Grey's Anatomy instead of reading a book because I am tired or exhausted. But I try my best to find time to read if I haven't read for a few days.

At the beginning of the year, I chose to read 18 books this year. At this point, I read four books in the last three months. Also, I am reading three books at the same time because I have to read "The Hunger Games" and "Kabale und Liebe" for school and I can not wait to read my own books. I got a huge pile of unread books. That was, and still is, the reason why I participate in the challenge. I tried to stop buying books. Normally that works very well but there are times when I see a book, I need to buy it! Last time, I count my books, I had about 26 unread ones but I think the number rise to 30 now.

My actual goal is to read all of my unread books, so I can buy new ones. But instead of just buying it, I will read one and buy another when it is finished. Do you know this problem?

I wish you all a lot of fun with your books and your challenges!

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Ilona | 3986 comments Best of luck with your challenge, Loni!

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