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Michael Bialys (bialys) | 29 comments Mod

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Sahil Gupta (sahilgupta) | 4 comments Am linked with a a leading publishing house in India and looking for good Indian authors.Contact:

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John Cicero | 1 comments Hi Everyone,

My name is John Cicero and I am a fantasy/adventure author. My passion for writing is driven from the joy I receive from reading my stories to my children.

Watching the expressions on their faces as I take them on a journey through the magical pages of my imagination is what drives me to find the time to write.

My recently released novels are in the Rainbow's Shadow Trilogy. They are Rainbow’s Shadow and the Tablets of Fate and Rainbow’s Shadow and the Covenant of Wisdom.

As a passionate writer in Northeast, Ohio I have been fortunate to hit the Best Sellers list with 'Tablets of Fate' and am on track currently with the 'Covenant of Wisdom'.

The final novel in my trilogy is Rainbow’s Shadow and the Other Side of Paradise which is currently in development.

If you have a moment check out my website and Rainbow's Shadow Trilogy today at...

Take care, John

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Shawn (stk_kreations) Hello everyone,

I have been a member for a little while now, but had never introduced myself, so here it goes.

My name is Shawn, I am a graphic designer in Meridian, MS and I absolutely love the Fantasy genre. I first started reading fantasy in my 'tween' years––being pulled into the rich mind of R.A. Salvatore was like nothing I had experienced in a book before. After reading all of the Drizzt novels––that were out at the time––I stumbled upon the dark and gritty world of Warhammer with William King's "Trollslayer".

When I was finally able to start ordering books from Amazon––after discovering the internet––it was like a whole new world opened up for me. I realized there were tons of great books and authors out there that I never got to see in the local Books-a-Million.

Since then, my wish list is an ever growing one, and I wish I had room for more bookshelves. haha

As a side note: if anyone has any information to breaking into the book biz as a designer––or anything really––let me know. I am currently a graphic designer for a newspaper, but I believe my dream job would be to work for a book publisher. I don't even care if it wasn't designing, just something to do with the publishing process. Only problem is there are no publishing companies around where I live. :(

Okay, well I think I've talked long enough––everyone should know enough about me now haha.

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Greetings all,

My name is Rich and for some years have been a Technical Writer (along with a whole bunch of other things). I decided to publish my first science fiction novel, which combines my love of the genre along with my fascination for gadgets and the ramifications of past decisions made in history. When I write, I write to be exciting and entertain, but also to try to get people to take a look at and think about our past so that they don't make the same mistakes in the future. But I guess that's a lot of wishful thinking on my part.

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R.C. Rutter | 27 comments Cave Of Forlorn
Greetings all,
I am a brand new author on Goodreads. My first fantasy novel has just been published. My first review on Amazon is in and the reader could not put it down. My story will keep you guessing about what will happen next. My cast of characters includes wizards, wolves, demons, a shape-shifter, and a young girl who intimidates all of them.

My web site is

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Holly Hook (hollyannehook) | 6 comments Hi!

My name is Holly and I love to write young adult fantasy. I've been writing since a young age.

I prefer to write things that to my knowledge, haven't been done before. I can be a little weird, though!

Tempest available here for Kindle for 2.99.

Tempest available at B&N for 2.99.

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R.C. Rutter | 27 comments Cave Of Forlorn
Greetings all,
I just created a new discussion board about my book, writing, and publishing. I welcome your thoughts and questions.

Kind regards,
R.C. Rutter

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R.C. Rutter | 27 comments Cave Of Forlorn
What an exciting day!
My first interview gets posted online: (Thanks David)
Then my book is featured on Bargain eBooks: (Thanks Holly)

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Kriss Perras (kriss-perras) | 4 comments Hi All,

I am Kriss Perras Running Waters. I have loved science fiction since I was little. I grew up on the original Star Trek when it first came out, because my Dad was a Star Trek fan. We watched each episode. (I am 44 years old). I'm here to see what people are interested in reading.

I currently own the independent story development and film production company Running Waters Productions. I am the previous Publisher and Editor of Malibu Arts Journal and PCH Press (Malibu's daily newspaper) and am a 2002 member of the prestigious American National Honor Society Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges. 300 Nights marks my first novel in a saga of four science fiction books: 300 Nights, Fard Ayn, Exile and Holo. I am not new to the industry. I previously worked for a well-known development firm in Hollywood where I learned the craft of story development, a trade I enjoy and find highly gratifying. So I am a screenwriter, author and director. Plus I love photography. I had the privildge of being a showcased artist on the CMTV Chanel 14 Artists Showcase in my area for photographers. I also love poetry.

Again nice to meet everyone,
Kriss Perras Running Waters

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Marc (authorguy) | 97 comments Kriss wrote: "Hi All,

I am Kriss Perras Running Waters. I have loved science fiction since I was little. I grew up on the original Star Trek when it first came out, because my Dad was a Star Trek fan. We wat..."

How many people try to get you to film their stories? I imagine there's some kind of process in place for that sort of thing.

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Cleveland | 10 comments Sahil wrote: "Am linked with a a leading publishing house in India and looking for good Indian authors.Contact:"

I responded to your previous advert . Many thanks for your subsequent information for non-Indian writers. But since sending my MSS to Unicorn Books I heard nothing. That happened many months ago. It might be useful when you provide feedback to your publishers that it is possible to acknowledge with an automatic response.Otherwise the very authors you want to attract might go somewhere different.

Should I send in my next novel and wait for 90 day to pass, then another 90 days , then another 90 days,and so on. I think you get the picture. Authors wait long enough as it is. I know some have been waiting years in hope, and saying their prayers. Amen.

message 13: by Cleveland (new)

Cleveland | 10 comments Kriss wrote: "Hi All,

I am Kriss Perras Running Waters. I have loved science fiction since I was little. I grew up on the original Star Trek when it first came out, because my Dad was a Star Trek fan. We wat..."

Hi Kriss
Star Trek, that's all good stuff.

Wondered if your company deals with 'coverage?' Is that part of your story development. Or are the stories written firstly by the directors and then considered for development? Book to film is always interesting.

message 14: by Kriss (last edited Nov 17, 2010 03:04PM) (new)

Kriss Perras (kriss-perras) | 4 comments Hi Cleveland and Marc,

Coverage is part of development, a big part. Coverage is part of the process that gets a story through a development meeting. There is a process in place to get coverage done for your own works, but most of the time, like with my company, you need to have your legal representation contact my legal representation for the protection of your stories and my company's stories. That is the industry channels everyone talks about. But there are some other ways to get it done too. If you search for writers groups or screenwriting coverage there are some folks out there that will do coverage. I however do not recommend sending out your story without some kind of legal representation to ensure your story remains yours.

Adaptations are fun and sometimes even more challenging than an original screenplay. The work is already written, so one the story is there, but two the literary part does not translate to the screenplay part, (e.g. descriptions, inner thoughts etc.) and sometimes the inner thoughts of a character are a major part of the story. So to translate that to only dialogue, sound or image for a screenplay is where the challenge takes place, and Voice Over rarely works anymore. So it is both fun and challenging, much the same as writing a book! :0)

To get a director to consider a story or book for development usually requires a working relationship with the director. So getting in first and then pitching the book adaptation or other story development idea to the director is usually how that goes, but there are so many ways to get a work noticed or in the hands of someone who can make it happen, that to say just one way works is very limiting to the receiver of the idea and grandiose in the part of the communicator, especially in Hollywood. Sometimes people know someone who is the assistant of a famous person who has the ear of that A lister, and that is how it can happen. Today with the invention of the Web, there are so many ways to get the idea developed, it takes a lot of work on the part of the writer to figure out which one is the best for that particular project.

So while there are some industry channels that can be used, which are generally the ones I would stick to for legal reasons, other ways do exist to get the work out of the literary world and onto the screen.

I hope I answered the questions. :0)

message 15: by Marc (new)

Marc (authorguy) | 97 comments Kriss wrote: "Hi Cleveland and Marc,

Coverage is part of development, a big part. Coverage is part of the process that gets a story through a development meeting. There is a process in place to get coverage d..."

Very interesting. I've heard of film writers who have a terrible time with people sending them emails and they almost lose their jobs. It must be very hard to separate your life from your work, but how do you read a book without having it in the back of your mind that the author may some day sue you if anything you do bears the slightest resemblance to his story? I suppose he would have to prove some connectivity beyond the mere fact that his book was on sale where you are.

message 16: by Cleveland (new)

Cleveland | 10 comments Marc wrote: "Kriss wrote: "Hi Cleveland and Marc,

Coverage is part of development, a big part. Coverage is part of the process that gets a story through a development meeting.

Hi Kriss
Thanks for your reply. You covered a lot of ground.
Marc: as far as I know a film writer will not write a screen play for another author unless it is clear who has the power to pass on permission to do so. I have a novel and that is blanketed with cover by ProtectRight , if I remember the name correctly, for ten years.
Connections do work in certain way but sometimes it can be impossible to approach or contact a family member depending on what they do.Easier if they contacted me.
However my cousin is CEO and owns a film company in the Middle East.She's a writer too and is interested in my work. But her company sticks to people and documentary work in Arabic.
I have a new friend who is a film writer. I might let her read my novel. I'd be interest to see what she makes of it. My poetry is said to be like that written by James Joyce. I've no idea what my prose is like except I done the William Falkner Award thing and been a finalist, and made my way into the top ten best sellers list with an anthology. So I can put two or more words together. But agents are not reading submissions at the moment it seems. They are after an elusive 'next harry Potter' or the equivalent. I guess that's life. Tough as always.
But we've picked up some interesting info in conversations on this group forum.
Best wishes
author: Moondust;
New: House of the Skull Drum

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R.C. Rutter | 27 comments Cave Of Forlorn
Another interview. This one by Reena Jacobs on the topic of editing.

Kind regards,

message 18: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Bunn | 7 comments Hi all,
I'm new to Goodreads, am a voracious reader, and have just published a fantasy on Amazon's Kindle site. Anyways, I'm enjoying the Goodreads site. Very informative, lively and interesting. Great topics and lots of food for thought.

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Jen Wylie | 2 comments Hi Everyone!

Nice to meet you all! I am a stay at home mom and author. My debut short story, Jump, comes out tomorrow thru Echelon Press. I've another short out in March and my novel in May.

Happy reading, and writing!

message 20: by Ciara (new)

Ciara | 14 comments Happy holidays everyone. I'm not new to Goodreads but I am new to this thread so I'll intro myself. Thanks for getting this thread started.

First, I have three jobs. I teach art full time to high schoolers, I'm art director for a local magazine and I write novels.

I write sci-fi futuristic romance, paranormal time-travel romance and I've just recently had a fantasy romance released called the Keeper of Moon Haven. The fantasy takes place in Victorian England. I'm currently working on a sci-fi futuristic, Dragon Hunter, that releases in April 2011. I post all my first chapters on my website if anyone is interested. Ciara Gold
And when I'm not writing or working at my other jobs, I'm either reading or sailing.

message 21: by Adam (new)

Adam Moore (PerceptorPrime) | 2 comments Hello.

My name is Adam. I'm from the Queen City of Cincinnati, Ohio.

I'm new to goodreads and am branching out in this very welcoming community of authors and readers. I'm an artist and a writer. I haven't written anything you've heard of... yet. Mwah hah hah hahahaha... ahem. Anyway, my first novel isn't heavy with fantasy but if you're interested you can check out Seven Arrows. I'm a big fan of Philip Jose Farmer, H.P. Lovecraft, and Edgar Rice Burroughs but I'll read any yarn that captures my imagination and dares me to invest emotionally in the characters (I swear, I wasn't crying there was something in my eye as I finished reading The Monster Men.) I'm always looking to meet new people for new chats and new suggestions.

message 22: by Nikki (new)

Nikki (goodreadscomnikki_persley) | 1 comments Happy New Year everyone!

I’m not new to Goodreads, but I hardly ever post. One of my resolutions for 2011 is to be more involved, so here goes. A new year means a new beginning, and I’m beginning a new dark fantasy series called The Godling Sagas. It has feuding deities, primeval demons, and a secret mystical society. Oh yeah, and a great war is coming! Awakened, the first book in the series is in revisions and the second book, Earthbound, is a work in progress.

I’m also the founder of, a brand new website and free daily email for writers. It’s still a work in progress too, but it’s growing everyday. Check it out. All comments are welcome.

Happy writing, and good reads too!

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Hello everyone!

I'm a young adult fantasy/sci-fi author. "Shelby and Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes" is my first novel, and tells the story of two seemingly ordinary brother-and-sister twins whose lives change drastically when they're recruited to seal a dimensional hole that allows evil aliens to travel to Earth. It's a fun read, so please check it out! I also have a blog dedicated to the novel ( and to the adventures of Shelby and Shauna Kitt.

Happy to meet you all!

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Bud Sparhawk | 1 comments Hello All,

This is my first foray into Goodreads but not, I hope, the last. I've been a published writer since 1975. Rather than bore you with my precis I just suggest you wiki me, look at my website or peruse my blog at

message 25: by Michael (new)

Michael Thomas (starcrusader) Hello everybody,

I'm a martial artist as well as a writer on military history and swordplay. I started writing fiction last year and am please to be working through my fifth novel and my first science fiction title. Please check my page and definitely add me as a friend.

kind regards

message 26: by Drew (new)

Drew | 3 comments Hi everyone.
My name is Drew.
My new book George Buchanan Enters The Wormhole
is now available on the Kindle for the temporary
low price of 99 cents.
It is young adult science fiction.
Let me know if you like the book.
I hope you find my novel as beautiful as I believe it
to be.

message 27: by Ivan (new)

Ivan Torres | 5 comments Ivan J Torres-Suspense/Fantasy-The Nine Orders.

Name:Ivan J Torres
Hobbies:Music, writing, reading and movies
How you found this group:Shelfari
Other:I am the author of The Nine Orders.

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Neal Jones | 4 comments Hi everyone! My name is Neal Jones, and I'm the author of "The Exxar Chronicles" series. The first book in that series, "The Erayan" has been released in three parts on Amazon Kindle and the B&N Nook. Parts 1 and 2 are currently for sale, and Part 3 will be uploaded in late August.
Here's a link to my website where you can learn more about me and my work:

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Kev (sporadicreviews) | 3 comments Greetings all,

I am not an author so I hope it's okay I lurk in this group. My name is Kevin, I live in southwestern Indiana with my wife, 3 kids, and 2 cats. I work in public safety communications, and I occasionally write book reviews on my book review blog.


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Susan Noble (susanleighnoble) | 5 comments Hi everyone -

My name is Susan Leigh Noble and I just released my first e-book last week. It is a fantasy novel called "Summoned: Book One of The Elemental." I am currently working on book two - as often as my two kids will let me.

You can check out my book on Amazon or Smashwords.


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Jane Routley | 6 comments Hi I'm Jane Routley. I was originally published by Harper Collins but Clandestine press have just bought out my books as ebooks.
Mage Heart, Fire Angels and Aramaya
I also have an author page here at goodreads and I blog about chocolate on the Church of the Immculate Confection too http://theimmaculateconfection.wordpr...
Because chocolate is a subject I can get passionate about.
looking forward to making new friends on Good reads

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Bryan Thomas Schmidt | 4 comments I'm Bryan Thomas Schmidt, author and editor. My debut collection, The North Star Serial, Part 1 came out in May 2010, and debut novel The Worker Prince: Book 1 In The Saga of Davi Rhii came out October 4th, 2011. Another novel comes out next Spring/Summer as well as an anthology I am editing titled "Space Battles." I also have stories out in several zines and magazines and of Fur and Fire. I blog at about author topics, tips, etc. (Get about 2k hits a month), and lead discussions, columns and chats on Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer's Chat (#sffwrtcht on Twitter or on the web). I am a frequent contributor to, SFSignal and Bibliophile Stalker.

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi everyone,
I'm Michayla Roth, and I've recently published my first book, Quest, on Amazon and Smashwords. It's epic fantasy, I guess. Not completely sure, but that's what I'm calling it! :) I'd love to have you check it out.

For more info and some book excerpts, check out my website:

Thanks and hope you enjoy!

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Stephen King (StephenHKing) | 4 comments Shawn wrote: "Hello everyone,...I am a graphic designer in Meridian, MS ..."

Hey--I was born quite near there, in Ackerman, MS.

Speaking of that, I'm a Southern Boy from Mississippi, who now lives in Richmond, VA. I've loved sci fi and fantasy works for my entire life, and my own debut fantasy novel just came out last week.

And yes, my name really is Stephen King. I'm not the guy who wrote Cujo, though.

message 35: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Whittaker | 16 comments Hello, my name is Daniel, I'm 15 and I am currently writing a science fiction book set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, I'm unpublished but i hope to publish within a year, or self publish if i can find the cash. I don't like having 'rules' for writing since they seem to bind me to particular storylines, so my only rule is only to write if i feel like it, otherwise it comes out rubbish, the advice i follow from an author; Joe Craig, it is "The first draft is always 'rubbish'" though it sounds discouraging and doesn't apply to everyone, i've found it applies to me for every one of my works. Anyway, I hope to have a good time here and please be sure to notify me if I'm being a pain in the arse :)

message 36: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Whittaker | 16 comments Michayla wrote: "Hi everyone,
I'm Michayla Roth, and I've recently published my first book, Quest, on Amazon and Smashwords. It's epic fantasy, I guess. Not completely sure, but that's what I'm calling it! :) I'd l..."
had a look on amazon at the sneak preview, looks awesome :D Thanks to you i have new confidence in my own endeavours, ill be sure to pick one up :)

message 37: by Joe (new)

Joe Vadalma (JoeVadalma) | 25 comments Daniel, You may have a problem. The Warhammer 40000 universe is probably copyrighted by the game company. You cannot legally set your novel in it. You may get away with it if you call it something else, but you must change everything, names of character, places, etc. Also, you say you don't follow rules, but if you hope to ever get published, there are at least three you must follow: 1. use good English grammar, 2. check you spelling, and 3. follow the format guidelines of the publisher you submit to.

message 38: by Niall (new)

Niall Teasdale | 4 comments I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Niall and I have two eBooks out there on Amazon and Smashwords. Urban fantasy set in a world of my own devising. I'll give the Smashwords links here since the Amazon ones are on my Goodreads page.

Thaumatology 101:
Demon's Moon:

The third book, Legacy, should be out for Christmas and I'm working on the next one, Dragon's Blood. I tend to draft B, edit A, draft C, edit and publish A... or something like that. Makes life exciting. :)

message 39: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Whittaker | 16 comments Joe wrote: "Daniel, You may have a problem. The Warhammer 40000 universe is probably copyrighted by the game company. You cannot legally set your novel in it. You may get away with it if you call it something ..."
that is why i am thinking of sending it in to the black library, they publish novels set in the 40k universe, alot get rejected but i might as well try, as far as im concerned i have nothing to lose, if iwas older it would be a much bigger problem maybe, but im really just writing for personal gain.

message 40: by Joe (new)

Joe Vadalma (JoeVadalma) | 25 comments Good luck, Daniel. Be sure you follow their guidelines carefully.

message 41: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina Chase | 1 comments Hello, All!
New writer, science fiction and fantasy, two books out (and even reviewed here!) The Last Mage Guardian and Firehearted. As much fun as it is writing these stories, I'm discovering the joy of reader feedback too. Stop by my website for more details, upcoming releases, and probably cat pictures..

The Last Mage Guardian by Sabrina Chase Firehearted by Sabrina Chase

message 42: by P.I. (new)

P.I. (thewordslinger) Hello! I hope this is not a repeat if I've posted before so apologies now, lol! I write sci-fi adventure with dark, adult themes though no graphic sex or violence. I'm ex-entertainment industry which, live in Los Angeles (where else?) and have a trilogy via an e-publisher and now have just dipped my toe into the self-publishing arena with Isadora DayStar! Below is the quick blurb and dont' know if this is the forum but I have a limited amount for reviews.

~~ When drug addled assassin Isadora DayStar finally snags a major interplanetary killing job, she thinks it will both support her habit and revise her status as the laughingstock of her profession. Instead, she embarks on a journey that brings her face to face with her tortured past. ~~

Isadora DayStar by P.I. Barrington

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Solitaire Parke (solitaireparke) | 7 comments Hi everyone!

My name is Solitaire Parke. I am an author by day and a reader by night. My debut novel, "Vengeance of the Wolf" is a Horror/Thriller story (book one of The Dorian Trilogy), but I am also working on a few other projects. The genres in which I write are pretty diverse - ranging from Horror/Thriller to Sci-Fi and Fantasy/Urban Fantasy as well as Metaphysical and Poetry. I am open to reading most genres. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

For a taste of my writing, I encourage you to visit my blog:

I am actually posting a chapter every Friday from my newest Urban Fantasy novel, "The Emerald Dragon" as I'm writing it! I invite comments & feedback!

message 44: by Charles (new)

Charles (kainja) | 73 comments The Emerald Dragon is a great title

message 45: by Ivis (last edited Jul 27, 2012 05:51PM) (new)

Ivis Davis (ivisbodavis) | 4 comments Hello Authorlings!
My name is Ivis Bo Davis. I am a Christian man and an old-fashioned realistic science fiction writer... However, I write YA novels where there's romance but no sex, no foul language, and violence enough to keep the story fast-paced... but not gory. Interestingly enough... though my characters are mostly teens, the gray-beards love my stories... go figure.
My stories are what I consider a 'future history' series. I want to capitalize on the excitement of realism... while preserving the example of good moral character. Astronomers are particularly enamored with my stories.
I am the author of the XTERRA Series: currently consisting of two novels - Conspiracy and Escape - out of a projected 5 books. I have two additional books in the series nearly finished: Dark Matter and Ocean's Revenge - the XTERRA Prequel... which was supposed to come LAST... but the story line is so compelling that I just had to continue writing it.
If you would like to see some of my writing, you are invited to investigate my website (Currently under redesign) but still available at You can download 2/3 of each of my published novels with a single click of your mouse.
Robert Heinlein is my favorite author. Like Mr. Heinlein, I'm writing what I consider to be a 'future history' series. I think the history of man has considerable romance and adventure, and the future promises to hold a great deal more as we consider the possibility of interstellar exploration and colonization.
The technologies I employ are based on the extreme edge of current physics, and my characters have developed some devices that permit the series to be extended indefinitely...
Comments are welcome.

message 46: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Whittaker | 16 comments To be honest i doubt i will be an author apart from for the purpose of self-fulfillment, it will be more of a hobby for me, a chance to escape from the thing that i hate the most.

message 47: by Charles (new)

Charles (kainja) | 73 comments Most people certainly don't make a living as an author.

message 48: by Jack (last edited Aug 14, 2012 09:52AM) (new)

Jack (jackwrites) | 1 comments Hello,

Though I write in a variety of genres, I have a particular fondness for Science Fiction. Visit my site for more info:

I look forward to the group.

Jack Thompson

GODMACHINE by Jack Thompson

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Ardy Ardy (ardybooks) | 16 comments Hi. I realized I've been here a while and never properply introduced myself. I too am a Christian, though ironically I spend most of my time at good reads in the Horror Affionados group. I have published three novels and four short stories and novellas at I write mostly horror and fantasy with some sci-fi. Some of my work can be considered "Christian" though most of it is not. My Christian fantasy novel Dawn is Coming is doing pretty well so far, as is my vampire novel Akeldama: The Field of Blood. You can check out my work at or at other ebook retailers like Barnes and Noble, ITunes, and Sony Ereader. To any authors out there looking for a good outlet for their work, I strongly suggest
Looking forwards to hearing from other authors and readers of the stuff I like to read and write.

message 50: by Charles (new)

Charles (kainja) | 73 comments Welcome!

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