10th grade North 2nd hour discussion

Character Extra Credit

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From our discussion, choose the prompt that you have a clear concise answer to. Make sure to back your claim up with relevant and sufficient evidence. Your evidence should be explained.

Please write your prompt using question guided sentence structure. Your peers should be able to tell what prompt you are answering. Make sure your prompt includes the title and author denoted correctly.

After writing your prompt, engage two of your peers on something in their prompt. This should start a discussion beyond yes/no question

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Prompt #1 Imagine if the story was told from another
What would their voice sound like? How would this change how the reader felt about this character?

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Prompt #2
Think about your least favorite character. What would have made you like this character more?

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Prompt #3
Choose a song to represent one of the characters in this novel. Why is this song perfect for that character?

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Prompt #4 Which character archetype did you find most interesting in the novel? What other books, movies, or TV have used this type of character? Did the character function in similar ways

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