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The girl with all the gifts, discussion (APRIL)

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Hollie Law | 249 comments Mod

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Hollie Law | 249 comments Mod
I just have to say how much I am enjoying this book! Thankyou Shawnda’s daughter for choosing it for March’s group read, I would never have usually picked this type of book to read, and if it wasn’t for you I would REALLY be missing out! I am now on page 117 and this book has already nearly had me in tears on several different occasions! (Strong emotions, crying or laughing, both signs of a good book! Nobody would ever read if it didn’t make you feel anything!) (view spoiler)

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Hollie Law | 249 comments Mod
Please excuse my tag error in my last post x

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Shawnda M. | 32 comments We are reading it together so we are only on page 50 but I’m about to start reading it while she is at school it has been great so far :)

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Hollie Law | 249 comments Mod
Finished!! I part read this book, part listened to it on audio book. (Which is probably why I have managed to finish much earlier this month.)
As I said in my previous post, I absolutely loved Melanie in this book and as the story went on, I grew to love her even more when I discovered that not only did her personality have the long list of good qualities that I stated previously, but by the end of the book I had yet another very important one to add to the long list: "BRAVE". This little girl was SOOOOO BRAVE!! (view spoiler) Finally I want to end this post by saying how brutal but heart warming this book was, and I am looking forward to watching the film as soon as possible to see how it differs from the book......One last thing, does anyone else think the title was a bit odd for the book? what are all the gifts that Melanie is supposed to have?

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Safety in numbers, never go into a book alone....

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