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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Historical romance: Laird and Lady in castle; Lady bonds with Laird's sister who is kidnapped by a different Laird

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Margaret Perry | 5 comments He's a laird and she a lady and they of course live in a castle. The heroine has a hard time at first but makes friends with the laird's sister who is shy and lovely. At the end the sister is taking a walk in the woods when she is attacked and abducted by a horrid lady and lord who take her to their castle. When she wakes she can't remember her name or that she is a laird's sister. She works in the castle as as servant. Can anyone help with this title or author? Thanks a lot.

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Lobstergirl | 37566 comments Mod
Margaret, please add some plot details to your header/title since thousands of members are also looking for historical romance. Your thread needs to stand out from all the rest.

When did you read it? When was it published?

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Margaret ~~
I'm going to add a few details to your header. The header is important because it attracts more eyes for your post. If it is too generic, it is more likely to be skipped over.
You can change the header by clicking on the small (edit) at the end of the header.
Good luck!

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