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J.S. Scott | 6 comments Dearest Stalker A Complete Collection by Lane Parker

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DOWNLOAD THE COLLECTION THAT HAS READERS TALKING: Now all four books can be found in one perfect box set for your reading pleasure. Dearest Stalker: A Complete Collection, the first serial written by Author J.S. Scott under the Lane Parker name is now LIVE and FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

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What the readers are saying -

Wow....just wow. Not gonna lie, when I see the title like Stalker, I think hhhmmm...that could go a couple of different ways, but when it's attached to JS Scott's name...I also think....I would read anything she wrote, heck if it was about trash bags, I would totally one click it. And this series/collection did not disappoint - Book Snob Sue, Goodreads

I am so excited that we could get this as a complete set. This is an amazing series with an amazing storyline and characters. What would you do if you had a stalker in your life? How would you react? How would you feel? This series has all those answers but so much more that you will never see coming. This is the first series I have read by Lane Parker and I absolutely loved it. Highly recommend. Gwen Shafer - Goodreads

I love it when an author dares to be different. Ms. Parker finds inspiration in being unique and I have quickly become a fan. Dearest Stalker finds boldness in subtlety. Lane Parker takes readers on what feels like a head trip in the most intriguing of ways. Isha Coleman - Goodreads

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