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message 1: by Marek (new)

Marek ChoronZone (wagnerzone333) | 62 comments ASIN B0042JT0I8 144 Pages
ASIN B005U5UJJW 291 pages
ASIN B0045JK1XS 114 pages
ASIN B005WK86S6 112 pages
ASIN B0045U9QZG 143 pages
ASIN B004GHNK0A 145 pages
ASIN B0045JK1XS 113 pages
ASIN B004477WE2 131 pages
ASIN B018W0ULVM 456 pages
ASIN B0045OUHP0 120 pages
ASIN B005U5G9SW 160
ASIN B0042JT0OW 146
ASIN B004A8ZT8Q 138 pages
ASIN B004477WAQ 121 pages
ASIN B004GHNGK4 170 pages
ASIN B004477WCE 126 pages

On Kobo they are much longer! Obviously Information on amazon are not that much correct as they are supposed to be. It's a bit to change, but it is important though!

message 2: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10690 comments For Kindle editions we use the number of pages from Amazon.

message 3: by Marek (new)

Marek ChoronZone (wagnerzone333) | 62 comments Then it's a bit of a loss for a page counting. Greetings! :)

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