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[Poll] Most Anticipated LitRPG release for April 2019

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Fel, LitRPG Devotee | 195 comments Mod
“I accepted my first quest. I felt a bit of a thrill. For the first time, this game maybe seemed fun. Then I got an idea. A terrible, amazing, fantastic idea.”
― Eric Ugland, One More Last Time

April is showering us with an abundance of new releases in LitRPG/GameLit this year.

Ahoy, is that a Schinhofen I see with his bi-monthly release? Look over there, Mahanenko is back with a long-awaited sequel. And *gasps* Bach and Aaron have returned to FFO and brought us book two.

I know who my clear favorite of the month is, do you know which book you are going to vote for? Sorry Gaius, no list this time. In the immortal words of Highlander, there can only be oneeeeeeeeeee!

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Darkhand (Alpha World Book 7)
by Daniel Schinhofen Apr 1, 2019

Into The Game: Dungeon Crawl Quest: A LitRPG Adventure
by C A A Allen and Darko Tomic Apr 1, 2019

Djinn Tamer: Rivals: A Monster Battling GameLit Adventure (Djinn Tamer - Bronze League Book 2)
by Derek Alan Siddoway and AJ Cerna Apr 5, 2019

by Matt Moss Apr 9, 2019

Edge of the Abyss (Respawn Trials Book #1) LitRPG Series
by Andrei Livadny Apr 10, 2019

Dukes and Ladders: A LitRPG/Gamelit Adventure (The Good Guys Book 5)
by Eric Ugland Apr 11, 2019

Viridian Gate Online: Embers of Rebellion: A litRPG Adventure (The Firebrand Series Book 2)
by J.D. Astra and James Hunter Apr 11, 2019

Adapt (A Touch of Power Book 2)
by Jay Boyce Apr 12, 2019

Oathbreaker: An Epic Fantasy LitRPG (Realm Online Book 1)
by Stuart Thaman Apr 15, 2019

Class-A Threat (Disgardium Book #1) LitRPG Series
by Dan Sugralinov Apr 22, 2019

In Search of the Uldans (Galactogon: Book #2) LitRPG Series
by Vasily Mahanenko Apr 25, 2019

Last Bastion (FFO Book 2)
by Rachel Aaron and Travis Bach Apr 30, 2019

message 2: by GaiusPrimus, Kindle Wizard (last edited Apr 01, 2019 07:52AM) (new)

GaiusPrimus | 197 comments Mod
Seth ring's second book is also coming out today I believe.

Axe Druid #2 is coming out in April

And in the other words of the Highlander! I HAVE A THOUSAND YEARS OF POWER!!

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