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Nicola (nikki-lou) | 2115 comments #27/19
Title: Off the Air (Running on Air #1)
Author: L.H. Cosway
Genre: NA Romance
Heat Level: Hot
Formats ~ Mobi & Epub via bookfunnel (regular email address only please)
Copies ~ 20 (sent out by author)
Goodreads Link:

Spending a month filming a reality TV show with your ex is no picnic.

Especially when you’ve signed a contract stating that the two of you will not, under any circumstances, have romantic relations while filming.

Leanne Simmons and Callum Davidson never had an easy relationship. From enemies to lovers and back to enemies, they’ve been on again/off again for years. Things come to a head when Callum gets into an altercation with a rival for Leanne’s affections. Their management decide enough is enough and give them both an ultimatum: sign the contract or leave the show.

Unwilling to give up their livelihoods, Callum and Leanne sign on the dotted line. However, like always, they can’t resist making a bet. Callum thinks it’s only a matter of time before they break the agreement, while Leanne is determined to see it through.

Can she resist him for an entire month without losing her sanity? And what if this is the one bet that finally breaks them both?

Off the Air is a contemporary romance and Book One in L.H. Cosway’s brand new “Running on Air” Series. Each book focuses on a different couple and can be read as a standalone.
TO SIGN UP please leave your email address (no Kindle just regular so we can send you the link). Once copies go out you will have three weeks to Read and Review the BOOK, and please don't forget to post the link to your review in this thread!

If you cannot finish this book for whatever reason, please let us know so we can remove your name from THE LIST and allow someone else to review it. Thank You.


4)Ryan - Sweet red reader
9) Paula
17)Mrs G

Jen (jensdreamylittlereads) (jeo83) | 82 comments

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Sofie Sehested | 29 comments
Thank you

Ryan - Sweet Red Reader  (sweetredreader) | 4 comments Mobi

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Pamela Lilley (lilleyloohlah) | 130 comments
Thank you 😊

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Kirsty | 2 comments thank you x

bookbabereviews / brianna j. (bookbabereviews) | 2 comments

Thank you :)

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Steph | 156 comments, mobi please thanks

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Paula White | 115 comments mobi please

 •Cici• Theory of A Dreamer Book Blog♥ (theoryofadreamer) | 14 comments , Thank you all for the chance to read and review! ❤

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Michele | 90 comments
ePub please

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eatloveread | 2 comments

mobi please :)

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Vanessa | 5 comments please mobi. Thanks!!

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Lavi (lavio4) | 16 comments

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Stacey | 43 comments thank you

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Tracy  C | 2 comments


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MrsG | 20 comments ePub

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Jennifer (jenniferblair) | 28 comments

Mrs Kindle Addict (mrs_kindle_addict) | 72 comments Mobi please

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Brooke (goodreadscombrooke_mortsolf) | 123 comments mobi please

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Nicola (nikki-lou) | 2115 comments COPIES ALL GONE!

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Renea Landreth | 10 comments

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Kirsty | 2 comments

My review, was a fantastic book!

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Michele | 90 comments Below is my review:

Thanks for the opportunity to read and review Off the Air! It was a great book!

Mrs Kindle Addict (mrs_kindle_addict) | 72 comments How do I get the link sent again please as thought I had downloaded it but didn't and now says link expired? Thanks x

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Jennifer (jenniferblair) | 28 comments

Here’s mine. Absolutely loved it. Would’ve finished it in a day if I didn’t have other obligations

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Tracy  C | 2 comments my review. I was a bit disappointed. :(

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Derna | 5356 comments Mod
Chelsea 'Miss Kindle Addict' wrote: "How do I get the link sent again please as thought I had downloaded it but didn't and now says link expired? Thanks x"

I have asked the author to resend.

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Nicola (nikki-lou) | 2115 comments Renea wrote: ""

Sorry copies all gone

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Steph | 156 comments Here is my review, thanks!

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Nicola (nikki-lou) | 2115 comments MrsG wrote: "

Here is my review."

Could you please check out this link and see the part about how many words a review should have and amend your review thank you

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Chiara | 521 comments Mod
Here's my review. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

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Micheala | 1457 comments remove Lavi - never got

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Micheala | 1457 comments remove briana - never got

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