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message 1: by Kiranmai (new)

Kiranmai Kiran (kiran83) | 53 comments Book Name: 23:59:59
Genre : Contemporary Fiction
Author : Sadashiv Pradan
Pages : 244
Highlight :The hectic life style of a B – School student in India was clearly Highlighted.The hurdles,tasks in their daily schedules,the imperfections in B Schools ,their Culture in hostels all these aspects were highlighted in this book.
Writing Style:Writing style is very simple , easy narration by the author,the flow of scenes were visible and can be easily visualized.
Blurb : 'Jay' the main character of the story was very intelligent as per the level of MBA in top 5 B – Schools in India.He got admission in one of those colleges although his passion was about football game ..He even runs a blog regarding his football passion..He puts aside this and went into the world of MBA ..Along with him his co aspirants of MBA were Abhimanyu,Ishaan and Shalini ..These four like a strong group to achieve every task given to them with support of each other.Although they seems like true MBA aspirants their intention to get MBA degree was different from each other.

• Were they justified themselves as real MBA holders in B – School?
• What was their real dream hidden inside their heart?
• Were they able to find their own answer to the question “why MBA”?
To know answers to all these questions one should read the story.
I was completely given the knowledge of B – Schools,MBA students life ,their daily tasks,targets,struggles to achieve them,their hustle bustles in their so called MBA or B School culture by the end of this book.I was completely amazed by the end of this book after getting the knowledge of all these through this story.
• My Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐. (4/5)

message 2: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn Taylor | 2 comments Hello Everyone,
My name is Kathryn Taylor. I am an avid reader and my first book, Two Minus One: A Memoir was released 11/6/2018. I have been traveling a lot on the Book Tour and so enjoy talking to so many interesting people. As my travel is winding down, I do not want to lose that connection with other readers and writers, and I now have time to read a bit again, so I am looking forward to joining some groups online. I am not tech-or social media-savvy, but if you will be patient, I will do my best!

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