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Lost Angels (The Lost Archangels Series Book 0)
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BUDDY READ:Paranormal/Fantasy > Lost Angels (The Lost Archangels Series 0) by Tatenda Creed - Starting April 5th 2019

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Sarah Elizabeth (bookworm_sarah) | 83060 comments Mod
Tonight we party with our blades and bathe in the blood of the weaklings. In spite of the consequences, I shall cut their wings. In His pathetic name, I shall.

I am Jude Thaddeus, God’s Wind, the Timekeeper, and Watcher of the Archangels. Nothing disturbs the wind but the wind itself. No harm shall befall the archangels, not on my watch.

Busy collecting prayers, on top of watching over the archangels, it's another day for Jude Thaddeus to prove his perfection to Father God. He intends to uphold his impeccable record and become an archangel. Nothing must come between him and his desire.


After years of planning, Lucifer has discovered a means to kill his siblings, the archangels. It’s a perfect plan. One he’s sure Jude will not see coming. Neither will the archangels who've now become complacent, self-righteous, judgmental, and arrogant.

The battle begins when Ava, the woman chosen to veil the Sacred City of Ashbourne, cries out for help. Everyone has a plan, a need, or a desire, except they forget the one plan that matters most—God’s. The outcome is shocking, one that triggers a never-ending battle, and unveils a love story like no other.

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