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UNSOLVED: One specific book > book about a poor boy who is befriended by a rich girl in his class. He has bed bug bites and his mom is pregnant with his sister and addicted to pain killers

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Loves2read24 | 5 comments This is driving me nuts. I read this book in 7th grade ( I’m 28 now) and I can’t remember the name . The book was about a poor kid who was in middle school I think and a rich girl in class befriends him and allows him to take a bath at her house revealing he is covered in bed bug bites. Also she takes him to a burger place and he puts what he didn’t eat in his pocket and it comes out in the bath and he eats it anyway. I remember he gets In trouble for drawing a naked picture of his pregnant mother with a baby in her tummy and his dad has a motorcycle but is never there. that’s as much as I remember. It’s basically the male version of hundred dresses. Thanks!

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