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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. Juvenile Paranormal Book about a boy who is selected to help people after they dies and/or fight ghosts/monsters/demons

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Louie | 22 comments *Spoilers Ahead*
I read this book sometime from 2010 to 2015. At the time it seemed fairly new. The cover was lime green with a giant squid-like demon/monster on the cover standing in the middle of a graveyard with a boy and a man standing in front of it. I believe the author was male. From what I remember about the plot the boy lived alone with his mother who was a waitress and his dad left a few years earlier. The boy was walking in town and he saw a homeless man on the street that no one else would go near. The boy gave the man his own lunch, the homeless man thanked him, magically turned into another man and told the boy that he was choosing him for a job because of how he was kind when no one else was. The he brought him to his supernatural headquarters where they were hundreds of filing cabinets all with peoples names inside them. I believe the man told him that he helped people after they died to go to a better place and that he fought demons who tried to convince the souls to go the wrong way or something like that. The boy later met a girl from his school who could sense ghosts, and the man ended up also recruiting her. The boy finds out the girl a few years ago went inside a train that had crashed and she heard ghosts whispering and she hears one saying he tried to go back to his family and they find out the ghost was the MC's father who had been riding the train when it crashed. In the end of the book they dedicate a bench in the park with a plaque on it to his father.

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