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message 1: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (thoughtsontomes) | 53 comments Mod
April 3rd: Collectibles on Bookshelf
--Discuss your favorite collectibles on your shelf, whether they are special editions of books, funko pops/figurines, candles, bookmarks, etc! They don't all have to be from the same category; you can mix and match :)

April 10th: Favorite Jokesters

April 17th: Favorite SFF Booktubers -Booktube SFF Awards Crossover Topic-
-- Discuss your favorite booktubers who discuss science fiction and fantasy books! (This is for the Booktube SFF Awards, but you could also include bloggers and IGers as well!)

April 24th: Rainy Day Reads

message 2: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (goodreadscomrumbelle517) Thankfully, I can do tomorrow's topic. April 10th might be a challenge. April 17th will super easy, I think, and the last one I don't have specific books I read on rainy days.

Lisa of Hopewell (hopewell) | 94 comments Mine's a re-run, sorry. Fandom Items re-posted as collectibles because that's what my "fandom" items are. I'm not sure I'm even in a "fandom"....

message 8: by Clémence (new)

Clémence (clemireads) | 51 comments Here's my T5W for this week, I really loved the topic! https://clemisbookishworld.wordpress....

message 9: by Kate (new)

Kate (weakestreed) | 4 comments We had a lot of fun with this one! So much good shelf decor to choose from.

message 10: by Rachel (new)

message 11: by LiteraryLeisha (new)

LiteraryLeisha | 45 comments Favourite collectables on my bookshelf!

Cate (The Professional Fangirl) (chaostheory08) | 84 comments Here's mine!

I'm quite a collector so no KonMari for me hahaha

message 14: by Madge (new)

Madge (madge_the_bibliomaniac) Collectibles on my shelves: https://caffeinatedbibliophile2.wordp...

message 16: by Portia (new)

Portia (portiagabrielle) Oops, forgot to share yesterday! I decided to focus on my signed editions for this week's T5W:

message 17: by Brin (last edited Apr 04, 2019 10:50AM) (new)

Brin (brinsbookblog) | 71 comments Late as usual, but here are some of my favourite collectables that I love to display of my shelves:

message 18: by Dani Gobbo (new)

Dani Gobbo (Current Chapter) (currentchapter) | 3 comments Very late, but this was a fun topic and I wanted to do it!

message 19: by Clémence (new)

Clémence (clemireads) | 51 comments Here's my T5W for this week! https://clemisbookishworld.wordpress....

message 20: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemmas_book_nook) | 20 comments Here's my T5W for this week, I did last week's topic 😊

message 21: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty (smearedeyes) | 17 comments happy Wednesday everyone!

message 26: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Johnstone (acityofbooks) | 51 comments Top 5 Wednesday| The Joke's on You:

message 32: by Rebeca (new)

Rebeca Santana (rebecasnt) | 4 comments Here are my favorite Jokesters(:

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

My Top 5 Favorite Jokesters:

message 35: by Kate (last edited Apr 10, 2019 11:23AM) (new)

Kate (weakestreed) | 4 comments Top 5 Jokesters from Paige and I!

Nia •ShadesOfPaper• (shades0fpaper) | 81 comments Here’s this week’s topic: Favorite Jokesters

message 37: by Caroline (new)

Caroline (grexcarolinii) | 7 comments Favourite jokesters here:

Can you tell who my fave author is? xD

message 38: by Mervi (new)

Mervi | 39 comments Here are my favorite jokesters from books:

message 39: by Philippa Mary (new)

Philippa Mary (philippamary) | 35 comments My favourite SFF book bloggers and bookstagrammers:

message 41: by Mellie (new)

Mellie G. (melanie3books) | 19 comments Here is my favorite Booktubers.

message 42: by Elli (new)

Elli | 40 comments Favourite booktubers I watch 24/7

message 43: by Rachel (new)

message 44: by Madge (new)

Madge (madge_the_bibliomaniac) Favorite SFF booktubers, bloggers, and IGers: https://caffeinatedbibliophile2.wordp...

message 45: by Angie (new)

Angie (angelms) | 48 comments My Favorite SFF Booktubers - https://easternsunset-reads.blogspot....

I hope they all keep making content because this is where I find most of my books!

Halei | DegenerateReads  (degeneratereads) | 46 comments Here are my Top 5 for this week -

message 48: by Caroline (new)

Caroline (grexcarolinii) | 7 comments cheated a bit and did the 3rd's T5W for this week instead as had missed the chance to do that one ^^

message 49: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemmas_book_nook) | 20 comments Here's my post for this week 😊

message 50: by Annalisse (new)

Annalisse (hopefulreads) | 115 comments Here's my Top 5 SFF Book People:

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