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message 1: by Lydia (new)

Lydia Redwine | 6 comments Hi! my name is Lydia and I am looking for reviewers for my newly released YA fantasy novel Spirit Followers. I would be willing to swap for most genres/books if interested. The summary is below! I'd love to read someone's book in exchange for mine!

When a Royal dies, the realms elect the one to take their place. By reasons Camaria does not know, her realm elects her as the next Royal. Now that she is the new-found sixteenth Royal of the nation of Mirabelle, Cam embarks on a journey with her sisters and a young huntsman to the four realms of the nation to complete training in the four kinds of magic. Once she has completed this training, she will then be permitted to consume her annual amount of magic and possess manifested powers. Her ventures are unexpectedly steeped in precarious events when Cam discovers a secret plan of revolt, a past she never knew, and an ancient people group thought dead who call themselves the Spirit Followers.

message 2: by Sam (new)

Sam | 6 comments Hello I would love to read and review your book it sounds interesting, let me know if you still need reviewers, have a great day!

message 3: by Alastair (new)

Alastair Carthew (carthewagmailcom) | 7 comments Hi Sam.Nice to meet up with you on Goodreads. Looking at the type of books you like I don't think my book would appeal to you very much I am afraid. Where do you live? Kind regards. Alastair

message 4: by Sam (new)

Sam | 6 comments Hello Alastair thank you for the friend request, I’m from Texas nice to meet you!

message 5: by Alastair (new)

Alastair Carthew (carthewagmailcom) | 7 comments Hi Sam. Great state., I am a New Zealander who lives on Phuket in Thailand. If you would accept a PDF version of Proud I can send that you by email. It is very different from what you have been reading, but it is fantasy with a lot of humour set in New Zealand. If you are still interested let me know. I apologise for my initial reaction. Alastair.

message 6: by Sam (new)

Sam | 6 comments Alastair that would be great I would love to read your book you can send it at thank you!

message 7: by Alastair (new)

Alastair Carthew (carthewagmailcom) | 7 comments Hi Sam. OK. Will do. it will be a Pdf file. The book is quite long, almost 400 pages, and set in New Zealand. Let me know what you think and if you like it please do a review and tell your various contacts about it. If you have other Goodreads friends or just friends who could do a review I am happy to send a Pdf. As a self-publisher on a limited budget, I cannot send a book. It will be on sale on Amazon on April 10-12 in Kindle format for a reduced price of USD99c. Available at or my website Kind regards. Alastair

message 8: by Sam (new)

Sam | 6 comments I will definitely read it and leave a review, thanks!

message 9: by Alastair (new)

Alastair Carthew (carthewagmailcom) | 7 comments Great. thanks again Sam. Al.

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