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The Door in the Hedge
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Compilation of short stories about fantasy kingdoms mostly about princesses, magic and curses. Each story is different and not all are told from the perspective of a princess... Spoilers ahead. [s]

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K | 7 comments One story is about twin sisters but at a certain age girls get taken away to a faraway mysterious land during the night and never return. So the other twin becomes the queen and has her own daughter and now that she is around that age she also gets taken away and meets a prince who is actually her cousin and the son of her moms twin but they still get married and live happily ever after. Another one is about a prince who goes to the woods and sees either a princess or sorceress and comes home blind and kind of feverish. Another one is about an older guy who is poor but he goes to the kings palace with an invisisble cloak and goes into the 12 princesses room and goes into the underworld portal in their room to dance with them in the end he marries the oldest one. Another one is about a princess who has a younger brother so he is the heir to the throne intstead of her and another evil guy or prince becomes friends with her brother and there was something about a frog its kind of like the princess and the frog but not really.

Polly (pollya) | 132 comments I think it's Robin McKinley's The Door in the Hedge

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K | 7 comments Thank you very much Polly.

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Was that your book then?

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K | 7 comments Yes it was.

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