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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Vampire Adult Novel where female protagonist is taken and turned by a douchebag vampire in 1940's NYC.

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Vittoria | 3 comments I believe I read this book around 2013-2014, although it might be written in the 90's (not sure). I remember the plot vividly thankfully.



Starts off with this read-head girl (age around 19 I believe) who's boyfriend/husband (?) is leaving for WW2 (?). She's asked out on a date by this creepy af dude who then takes her home and uses his vampire powers to rape her and drink her blood(this is not a descriptive rape scene I believe). She can't remember what happened the night previous. He later becomes obsessed with her and turns her into a vampire without her consent, forcing her to be stuck with him due to the bond between vampire and childe. I remember vividly about her having a dream of going out to the ball game to see the jets with her father around this part of the novel. 50 years have passed (I think?) in which she gets tired of his shit and burns him down and escapes (yay!!). She ends up dating this dude who's pretty chill, and becomes friends with this child abuse victim that she saved previously, who is gay. She ends up finding out she is pregnant with that vamp's kid, and gives birth to twins (???) or just a girl, I'm a bit fuzzy on that part.
Ending (it's a bunch of BS really)- Heroine ends up back with that vampire dude (he survived somehow) and the daughter ends up with the heroine's ex-boyfriend (the chill dude).

Sorry for my shitty explanation. I've been looking everywhere for this novel. If you could help me out it would be amazing.

Thank you!

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Vittoria | 3 comments I found it! It's called Crimson Kiss by Trisha Baker.

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