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UNSOLVED: One specific book > SciFi, YA possibly, kid goes to school in space, learns how to move in zero G, not Ender's Game, spoiler alerts

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Linzorg (lizorg) | 5 comments I read this book between 1990 and 2010, I think, and it's about a kid who grew up on a planet but is sent to school in space. The other kids grew up on space stations or came from prominent mining families and already know how to live in space and move in null G. The Hero has to sneak around the station finding exits and emergency space suits to train himself in moving "outside" without dying. At some point the kids are abandoned on the ship by the adults, and they have to save themselves from an approaching enemy. The hero uses his knowledge of the station to make a plan to defeat the enemy. He convinces the other kids to follow the plan and they trap the enemy in one part of the station, maybe the training room?

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