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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily | 13026 comments So the novella was not published apart from this set, correct?

message 2: by Emy (new)

Emy (emypt) | 5022 comments Noted. Moving combine of No Second to Broken Empire and merging per other thread :)

message 3: by Emy (new)

Emy (emypt) | 5022 comments Good catch, working on it.

message 4: by Emy (new)

Emy (emypt) | 5022 comments Added

message 5: by Emy (last edited Apr 04, 2019 02:41AM) (new)

Emy (emypt) | 5022 comments No librarian note. I would need to check whether that counts as substantial enough difference for separation. (Because I can't remember offhand and my brain is submerged in analytics right now :) )

message 6: by Emy (new)

Emy (emypt) | 5022 comments OK :)

message 7: by Emy (new)

Emy (emypt) | 5022 comments I'll add a note to this one so that we can refer back to there later if necessary :)

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