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Now we'll never know > Y/A Short horror story Graphic Novel, Illustrated by different artists. Features a story about a punk teenager who received the power of death - anything he touched died

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Hi, I remember reading this book as a kid.
Judging from what I remember, it was probably published somewhere around the 1990's to 2013 max. I remember it being a Adult/Young adult graphic novel filled with horror stories from different people.

I remember several stories from the book:

1. One was about a punk teenager who received the power of death - anything he touched died

2. One was about the ghost of a roadkill remembering its fate, feeling forgotten

3. A 'be careful for what you wish for' story about a samurai wishing his deceased wife came back to life

4. Was about a male and female warrior that develop a close relationship - the female became an evil spider queen sorceress

5. Another was about explorers in the artic finding a mysterious tree that ate people

All stories were in colour, except the 5th one I remember, which had splashes of red, but was otherwise black and white. I believe each tale centered around the theme of death, or at least had general themes of horror.

I've looked at volumes of 'Flinch', 'Tales of Terror' and 'Creepy', and despite reading through them, none of them contain any of the stories I remember.

Thankyou for your help :)

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