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Guess Who (by artist's works!) > Anybody knows where grandpa is? (Andrew Wyeth)

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message 1: by Dirk, Moderator (new)

Dirk Van | 3044 comments Allright, so Schiele took you guys 25 minutes.
Now I’m posting this a bit early (blame Daylights saving Time ;-)
Maybe it will take a bit longer… although I doubt it.

message 2: by Kristine (new)

Kristine  Henshaw (kristilou) Wyeth, either father or son?

message 3: by Dirk, Moderator (new)

Dirk Van | 3044 comments Good one Kristine!

It’s Adrew and the painting was made in 1978 and is called Spring

I should have posted one of his nature pieces maybe that would have been more difficult.
But I liked this one as it reminded me of another painting I selected for the pic of the day. Haven’t posted that one, maybe I will put it here so you can see why I thought of it seeing this.

And this is the leftover painting from March:

It’s called the Awakening of Spring by Anna Berent:

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