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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. A novel about a boy and a girl who have to fight off two villains described as "dolls" in a spa? Golden Baths? [s]

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Katherine Pericas | 4 comments I've been trying to find this book for YEARS, I read it when I was 12, it maybe was published around 2007-2012? It was a fairly new book when I read it.

It was either a trilogy or a series of four books that centered around this boy or girl, I believe the boy was described as ginger, and the girl had brown pigtails. The book I'm looking for in particular had to deal with them fighting off these two characters who were described as 'dolls 'and one key thing about them is that they always wore gloves. One of them was a lady with blue eyes and blonde hair, and the other was a guy who wore a suit. Either these two people owned a spa or they happened to be in one because I remember in this book there was a spa that offered 'gold baths', essentially you could bathe in gold flakes.

The cover of this book was a deep red and I think it had a magnifying glass on it? I do remember that the covers of these books had imagery of either cards, hats, eyes, stuff that's related to magic or secret societies. If it helps, I remember that the cover of the other books in this series was blue and maybe purple/orange?

These books had a similar tone and style to A Series of Unfortunate Events, which was why I liked them so much. Hopefully the details I described can help, thanks!

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Katherine Pericas | 4 comments One more thing, the narrator of this book was the boy character. This was discovered in one the last books in this series, that's a pretty important detail I forgot to mention haha.

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The Name of This Book Is Secret, maybe? Or another from this series?

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Katherine Pericas | 4 comments Yes that's the book! Thank you so much!!!!

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You're welcome! I'll move this to solved for you.

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