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message 1: by Alyce (new)

Alyce Caswell (alycecaswell) | 103 comments I just discovered (whoops) that novellas have a different numbering system. I've been getting my novella ebooks numbered as 3, 4, 5 etc and apparently they should be fractions instead. Or that's my understanding anyway. So if it's possible, I'd like some wonderful soul to rectify my mistake.
currently listed as 3, should be 2.2
currently listed as 4, should be 2.4
currently listed as 5, should be 2.6

Series link:

The reason I chose these fractions is because there will be one more novella before the next full-length MS. Unless that's also something I've got wrong? lol

Thanks in advance :)

message 2: by Gene (new)

Gene The numbering is fixed and the book titles are adjusted accordingly.

message 3: by Alyce (new)

Alyce Caswell (alycecaswell) | 103 comments Thank you! :)

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