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Marc *Dark Reader of the Woods* (marcthedarc) | 600 comments Well someone finally returned vol. 2 to my library, but vol. 3 is "in mending". Urrgghh. Hopefully they will tape it up in time for me to catch up with the group this month.

Lindsay | 459 comments I get mine on Hoopla, all of them are there

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jb Byrkit (jbbyrkit) | 80 comments I get mine on hoopla too. Thankfully the library in Florida uses it. My library in KY does not. Maybe they will get on board someday.

I’ll be reading both volumes one and two this coming week as I got a bit behind.

Marc *Dark Reader of the Woods* (marcthedarc) | 600 comments I will ask re: Hoopla, thanks for the tip! I am loathe to buy graphic novels generally, as good as they might be. I also vastly prefer analog vs. e-reading, but I will take what I can get.

On the plus side, my library ordered vol. 5 at my request so I will be all set come June.

Lindsay | 459 comments I finished. But as I've been with the whole series so far.....I DON'T GET IT

Marc *Dark Reader of the Woods* (marcthedarc) | 600 comments I don't think we're supposed to 'get it' yet, at least the reader is not meant to have all of the details about what is going on with all of the time travel. It's possible that we never will, instead our understanding may be limited to what the girls experience directly (although we have been given some of that Indian future leader's perspective also). Personally I am okay with that, but I expect that more will be explained. For now, "because time travel" and I guess "because Apple" will have to do. I think this volume added to the picture, though, (view spoiler).

I was pleased to see that the existence of menstruation was included in this book. It makes perfect sense given the characters' ages, and is a good moment to show different 1988 cultural- and age-specific reactions. Surprising though given that the creators are all male. The conversation about "I thought everyone carried a handkerchief" made me laugh, because I had that exact same conversation with my father 20 years ago (he assumed everyone carried one).

Marc *Dark Reader of the Woods* (marcthedarc) | 600 comments Ooh, that final page! Seriously, when was the last time you thought about (view spoiler)?

I had to look up Brian Vaughn's age because to me all of the time/era related references have felt so spot on. And yep, he is the same age as me (he's one year younger). We were the same age as the girls in 1988. This series is totally meant for me.

Lindsay | 459 comments Marc I don't know why I didn't stop to notice that but yes, I guess it was very progressive to add the menstruation part!

Lindsay | 459 comments Also, my favorite line in the book was when Erin asked if having a baby was the most amazing thing in the world and the answer she got was "it is painful and terrifying." hahaha correct!

Marc *Dark Reader of the Woods* (marcthedarc) | 600 comments I can hardly wait to read volume 4. Of course I could sneak a peek before the official May group read but that would be cheating, no? It's not like I don't have a 5000 page stack of books beside my bed to keep me busy for the next 4 days.

Lindsay | 459 comments hahahaha go for it Marc! no judgment. I have a huge stack on my nightstand too.

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jb Byrkit (jbbyrkit) | 80 comments Ok I finally got caught up to volume three. I’m not sure what I think about these yet. I did like this volume, and I laughed at the part about having a baby.

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