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message 1: by Grace (new)

Grace Favourite characters,book and favourite moments. Also what actors do you think should be in the up and coming movie of rangers apprentice? Any conspiracy theories. Comment below if love to hear.

My answers to some of the above questions

halt, Horace, invgar, Hal and thorn
Brotherband 1 or rangers apprentice 1
And when Halt throws Digby in the moat

message 2: by Ava05 (new)

Ava05 | 65 comments They are making a Ranger's Apprentice movie?

message 3: by Grace (new)

Grace They have had one in the works for several years. I don’t know if anything will happen with it. You can google it for more info.

message 4: by Ava05 (new)

Ava05 | 65 comments Okay. Thanks.

message 5: by Maddie (new)

Maddie (mysteria02) | 11 comments Evelyn, Alyssa, will. Royal Ranger. My favorite scene is when Alyssa and Evelyn fight in the bathroom. So funny!

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